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Resources focused on the green insurance market segment including building, manufacturing and residential and auto insurance products.

22 Resources
Are Insurers Missing the Boat on Climate Change? [35510] ?

In the US, the industry is only now starting to show interest in the topic

Companies Must Be Cautious When Making Green Claims [35519] ?

Liability may arise under the common law, state deceptive trade practices acts, Federal Trade Commission Act and the SEC

Complying with the Environmental Marketing Guides [35524] ?

Advice from the Federal Trade Commission

Green A&E Professional Liability Insurance [35878] ?

Brief discussion of a new policy being marketed by Argo Insurance underwritten by Lloyds

Green Advertising Claims Guides [35522] ?

Text of the FTC guides for the use of environmental marketing claims

Green Building & LEEDS [pdf] [36011] ?

Insurance markets view green built environment as potentially more risky than tradition construction

Green Building Insurance Practices [35516] ?

The expansion of green building has created new risks and opportunities for the insurance industry

Green Building Law and Insurance [35879] ?

That portion of a legal blog that deals with green construction and insurance

Green Building Legal Implications [40087] ?

The legal risks of Green Construction

Green Certification and Ecolabeling [35518] ?

US and international bodies who certify green products

Green Insurance [35843] ?

Those who own hybrid vehicles or green-certified homes can benefit from lower premiums

Green Insurance Offerings [35509] ?

Insurers are steadily taking climate change into account when developing or adding to insurance offerings

Green' Coverage in Builders' Risk insurance [35506] ?

The evolution of builders' risk coverage to manage the new property risks created by green construction

Greening Risks and Rewards - the Insurance Perspective [35881] ?

Addresses some of the new green insurance products being introduced in the various lines of insurance business

Greening Your Insurance [35507] ?

More insurers offer green coverage

Insurance and the Climate Change Challenge [35863] ?

The impacts of climate change on insurance'\

Insurance, LEED Guarantees and Performance [35877] ?

Brief discussion of the risks of liability when LEED certified buildings fail to perform as promised

Mitigating Green Building Risks Through Green Building Contracts [36990] ?

Contractors need to manage the legal risks that green building presents

Sorting Out 'Green' Advertising Claims [35521] ?

Six tips to help you sort through environmental advertising claims

Stop Greenwash [35842] ?

Website that confronts deceptive Greenwashing campaigns

The Language of Recycling [35523] ?

For consumers

The Pros and Cons to Green Insurance Coverage [35880] ?

Addresses some of the unquantified risks that may impact the viability of green insurance

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