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E&O-related loss prevention libraries for architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, construction project owners, real estate, pension & benefit plan administrators, etc.

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A/E Practice Notes [19534] ?

Risk management information for more effective architects/engineers practice management

A/E Professional Liability Insurance Policy Limits [27832] ?

Obtaining higher policy limits for specific projects may be necessary at times

A/E Risk Management Essays [19533] ?

Professional liability risk management articles for architects and engineers

Accountant Liability: Loss Prevention for Accountants [17944] ?

Avoiding Malpractice, Litigation while Keeping Your Clients Happy

Architects and Design and Construct Liability under ADA [21978] ?

Americans With Disabilities Act's exposure to designers of public buildings

Attorney Liability for Tortious Interference [pdf] [20936] ?

Lawsuits against litigators

Attorney- Client Agreements [pdf] [25853] ?

Engagement and non-engagement letters, etc

Certificates Of Insurance and E&O Problems [19502] ?

Examines the ACORD 25, Certificate of Liability Insurance

Debt Collection and the FTC [17945] ?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers

Defective Work as an Occurrence [16689] ?

Defective construction materials have given rise to many complex claims

Design Professionals - Insurance Coverages [39369] ?

An Introduction to Typical Liability and Property Insurance Coverages for Design Professionals

Design Professionalís Obligation of Good Faith [14633] ?

MECO Systems, Inc. v Dancing Bear Entertainment, Inc., et al., 948 SW2d 185 (Mo App SD 1997)

E&O Risk Management - Insurance & Legal Firms [39851] ?

Designed to provide your insurance agency/brokerage or law firm with helpful information on relevant topics

Updated Errors & Omissions Communique [25302] ?

Loss control articles and information

Insurance Agency E&O Risk [15981] ?

Presents procedures that can reduce an agency's E&O exposure

Insurance Documentation and E&O [19500] ?

One of the most important methods of protecting insurance agents against E&O claims

Legal Malpractice Articles [17938] ?

Risk management advice for law firms to avoid malpractice claims

Legal Malpractice Risk Management [pdf] [35709] ?

A professional liability risk management handbook for lawyers

Life Insurer's Duty to Disclose Adverse Medical Information [19501] ?

Petrosky v. Brasner - covers the issue as determined by this court case

Negligent Misrepresentation: Design Professional & Economic Loss Doctrine [17895] ?

The merits and failings of the economic loss doctrine as applied to the design professions

Predecessor Firm Coverage [16630] ?

A Key Aspect of Professional/E&O Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Exposures of Construction Contractors [16687] ?

Professional liability coverage is just as essential to a contractor as it is to architect/engineers

Project-Specific Professional Liability [14616] ?

Who Really Pays for Design Errors?

Real Estate Firms & Risk Management [14857] ?

Series of risk management articles for realtors

Retirement Plan Service Providers Professional Liability Insurance [8502] ?

Q&A on errors & omissions insurance

Settling Without Consent - A Perilous Route [17937] ?

How E&O carriers and courts tend to view unauthorized settlements

The Design Professional's Statute of Repose [21980] ?

Stumbling Blocks to the Defense of Torts and Contractual Indemnity Claims

Who Can Opine on the Design Professional's Standard of Care? [19215] ?

What qualifications the person who will render that opinion must have

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