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Enterprise Risk Management materials.

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Canada: Integrated Risk Management Framework [22373] ?

Canadian government's approach to risk management

Enterprise Risk - What's Up with That? [15983] ?

How insurance fits into the world of enterprise risk management

Enterprise Risk Management [26559] ?

A presentation by a collegiate internal auditing department

Updated Enterprise Risk Management - Overview [pdf] [35414] ?

Practical considerations in implementing an ERM

Enterprise Risk Management FAQ [pdf] [9379] ?

Represents a fundamental shift in the way businesses must approach risk

Enterprise Risk Management Process [13437] ?

Overview of the process

Enterprise Risk Management Symposium Handouts [19393] ?

Archives of past symposiums

Enterprise Risk Management: Risk and Control [pdf] [31694] ?

Tools and techniques for effective implementation

ERM - Holistic Approach to Setting Risk Limits [pdf] [37220] ?

Use of the Dynamo 4 model to test current risk limits from an enterprise-wide capital preservation perspective

ERM and the “Portfolio Effect” [24652] ?

Examples from the Investment World

ERM Definition and Framework [pdf] [37221] ?

Basic overview of Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Lessons Across Industries [24412] ?

Who is adopting ERM and why

ERM News and Information [32171] ?

Web articles and resources related to Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Papers and Studies [32170] ?

A variety of documents related to Enterprise Risk Management

European Union: Risk Management [17883] ?

Information from the Federation of European Risk Management Associations

Getting the ERM Fundamentals Right [24413] ?

Outlines four questions to be asked when establishing an ERM program

Guide to ERM for Insurers [40874] ?

A series of guidance articles

Information Technology Risk Management Program [pdf] [36955] ?

Example of a program in use at a major university

Insurance ERM Practices [pdf] [40876] ?

Paper discusses Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices within insurance organizations

Measuring and Managing Operational Risks [21971] ?

Several methods that are promising candidates for quantifying operational risks

Measuring Operational Risk Using Fuzzy Logic Modeling [24421] ?

Describes how fuzzy logic modeling techniques can be used to assess operational risks

Modeling the Reality of Risk: The Cornerstone of Enterprise Risk Management [19214] ?

Learn why standard statistical models don't work well for operational risks, but structural models d

ORSA - NAIC [40870] ?

Require insurers to analyze all reasonably foreseeable and relevant risks that could adversely impact policyholders

ORSA - NAIC Guidance Manual [pdf] [40869] ?

Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) guidance for insurers

ORSA - Risk Metrics for Decision Making [40871] ?

These essays consider the wide range of modeling and quantification aspects underlying a company’s ORSA

ORSA - What is it? [pdf] [40881] ?

The basics are explained

ORSA and Actuaries [pdf] [40875] ?

Provides an overview of the key content in each section and outlines components of an ORSA report

ORSA and Risk Management Principles [pdf] [40879] ?

Paper covers risk management principles aligned with ORSA requirements

ORSA Report Guide [40873] ?

The ORSA report itself is an example of risk management disclosure

ORSA Risk Metrics Essays [pdf] [40880] ?

18 topical essays that express the opinions and thoughts of a number of authors on the subject

Part 1: Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry [15975] ?

Getting to Fully Implemented ERM in Financial Services

Part 2: Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry [16683] ?

How insurers can follow a systematic management process

Practical ERM Applications: Assessing Capital Adequacy [22085] ?

Outlines a process for assessing capital adequacy

Practical ERM Applications: Capital Allocation [24411] ?

A process for assessing capital adequacy

Practical ERM Applications: Risk Integration [24414] ?

A discussion of the risk integration stage of the ERM process

Risk Evaluation in Enterprise Risk Management [pdf] [40877] ?

Actuarial Standard of Practice

Risk Treatment in Enterprise Risk Management [pdf] [40878] ?

Actuarial Standard of Practice

Scenario Analysis in Insurance [pdf] [16544] ?

Insurers are increasingly using scenario analysis to evaluate multiple risks

Updated Spreadsheet Risk [35828] ?

How to control spreadsheet risk

The Language of Enterprise Risk Management [21967] ?

A Practical Glossary and Discussion of Relevant Terms, Concepts, Models, and Measures

The Risk Management Association [19391] ?

Dedicated to Enterprise Risk Management

The Value of Enterprise Risk Management in Strategic Planning [pdf] [36957] ?

Benefits of ERM in strategic planning

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