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Overviews & answers to common questions. Key legal cases. Market survey of policies & endorsements available, etc. Sexual misconduct. Employer liability for workplace violence. Various types of employment practices liability claims. Risk management in the employment relationship.

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A Primer on Employment Practices Liability Insurance [13449] ?

EPL policies are fairly standardized and cover common employment-related risks

Buying Bias Coverage [29070] ?

Experts counsel small and mid-size companies to take a second look at employment practices liability insurance

Employers Liability - Risks [35274] ?

Laws continually expand employment practices liability

Employers Must Recognize the Rising Risk of Employee Lawsuits [17941] ?

Discussion of the need for EPL insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance - Basics [29259] ?

What it is and what the insurance covers

Employment Practices Loss Prevention Guidelines [pdf] [15631] ?

Focuses on risk management to reduce the likelihood of EPL insurance claims

Employment Practices Risk Management Audit [9621] ?

Self audit related to hiring practices, terminations, etc.

Employment Related Practices Liability Insurance [4070] ?

Gives an overview of EPL insurance and why its needed

EPL Claims [pdf] [33379] ?

The 10 most frequently misunderstood questions about EPL insurance

EPL Prevention Guidelines for Not for Profit [pdf] [35701] ?

Information with which not-for-profit organizations can reduce their employment-related exposures

EPL: Restaurant Industry [35276] ?

Why restaurants need employment practices insurance coverage

EPL: Underwriting Guessing Game [35275] ?

The apparent inconsistencies in the way underwriters quote Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

EPLI Third Party Coverage [36460] ?

Third-party coverage can be an important part of EPLI policies

Everchanging EPL Issues [35272] ?

A discussion of new areas of concern

How to Control a Reduction in Force [40502] ?

Guidelines describe steps designed to reduce the risk of liability when conducting a RIF

Pay Equity Issues [15638] ?

Covers wage discrimination and closing the wage gap

Preventing Retaliation Claims by Employees [15637] ?

It's against the law to punish your employees for asserting their rights

Sexual Harassment - Workplace Precautions [17317] ?

You can be held liable for sexual harassment resulting from your supervisors treatment of employees

Workplace Complaints [pdf] [40487] ?

Guidelines for handling complaints in the workplace

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Claims Management / EPL Claims
Employment Practices Liability claims handling

Health / Stress
Mental health stress including stress resulting from workplace conditions

Human Resources / Discrimination
Fact sheets on discrimination - sex, race, age, disabilities, etc.

Human Resources / Hiring
Recruiting and hiring practices and the ADA, negligent hiring claims and more

Human Resources / Telecommuting
Fill-in-the-blank telecommuting policies, training programs, etc.

Human Resources / Terminations
Employee termination issues.

Legal / Discrimination
Case developments, articles, resources related to employee discrimination

Legal / Labor Law
Case developments, articles, resources related to employment & labor law

Legal / Sexual Misconduct
Case developments, articles, resources related to sexual harrassment

Security / Violence
Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

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