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Advice on environmental insurance for general business and industrial facilities. Brownfield's insurance. Environmental litigation. Environmental coverage case law. Environmental claim management. Description of environmental risk.

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Asbestos Liability [21758] ?

Recent developments as related to the insurance industry

Blog: Environmental Insurance Blog [39962] ?

Focus is to keep insurance agents and brokers knowledgeable about environmental insurance issues

Broad Pollution Exclusion [27354] ?

A federal court in New York found the wording to be overly broad and ambiguous

CGL Absolute Pollution Exclusion [18439] ?

Insights into this insurance exclusion

CGL Total Pollution Exclusion [27842] ?

Analyzes a court case in which the CGL policy's total pollution exclusion was upheld

Chinese Drywall and Property Insurance [35883] ?

Are Chinese Drywall Problems Covered Under Property Insurance Policies?

Chinese Drywall Worries [36919] ?

Thousands of lawsuits pending in several states

Construction Debris Is Excluded Pollutant under Professional Liability [35391] ?

A professional liability insurer was not required to defend since the alleged damages arose out of pollution

Construction Environmental Best Practices [19218] ?

Fundamental considerations to be undertaken when dealing with various aspects of project specific environmental exposure

Contractor's Pollution Liability [11342] ?

Why you need this insurance coverage

Defective Drywall [36865] ?

What homeowners should do

DOE Office of Environmental Management Program [714] ?

Information on the Department of Energy's risk policy program relating to the environment

EC Environmental Liability Directive [17335] ?

Information on Directive 2004/35/EC of the European Parliament

Environmental Claims - What Can Go Wrong [19226] ?

Various environmental risks and their potential physical and monetary damages

Environmental Insurance as a FASB Fix [27845] ?

The Relationship between IFCs and FIN 47

Environmental Insurance Claim Scenarios [29346] ?

A series of articles related to environmental insurance issues such as toxic mold

Environmental Insurance Glossary [29345] ?

Definitions for terms related to environmental insurance

Environmental Insurance Helps Cities Create Sustainable Development Out of [28684] ?

Two case studies that cite how the use of environmental insurance enabled development of contaminated property

Environmental Insurance Products [pdf] [18437] ?

An overview of the types of products available

Environmental Liabilities & Contracts [24396] ?

Explores the uncommon provisions for managing environmental risk through contracts

Environmental Liabilities - What You Need to Know [11343] ?

Your business should be protected by pollution and environmental liability insurance

Environmental Liability Risk Assessment [pdf] [27349] ?

Guidance from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Environmentally Managing Subcontractors [26578] ?

Managing the environmental risk from subcontractors

EPA Risk Management Plan Rule [12566] ?

EPA RMP requirements

Excavation & Grading Contractor Environmental Liabilities [pdf] [11344] ?

Environmental exposure sheet for excavating & grading contractors

General Contractors and Environmental Risks [24395] ?

Exposures and solutions for general contractors

Indoor Air Quality Legal Issues [9690] ?

Types of legal and liability issues associated with IAQ

Insurance Coverage for Mold Damage [24687] ?

Coverage issues related to homeowners insurance

Lenders and Environmental Liability [15996] ?

Environmental liability is a critical issue for all financial institutions

Managing Unexpected Costs and Coverage Pitfalls of Environmental Exposures [40021] ?

Strategies that can help companies avoid the financial hazards of escalating environmental liabilities

Mold & Developer Liability [pdf] [26503] ?

Liability concerns and responsive measures of developers, building owners, homeowner associations, etc.

Mold & EIFS - FAQ [26653] ?

Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS) can create trapped moisture resulting in mold growth

Mold and Home Owners Insurance [22486] ?

Whether mold is covered by home owners insurance often comes down to the source of moisture and the wording of a policy

Mold and Insurance Companies [24065] ?

Insurance companies are starting to non-renew policies with prior water damage activity

Mold CIaims: A Preliminary Take on Mold Coverage [18632] ?

Mold-related claims issues

Mold Coverage Denied in All-Risk Policy Case [30126] ?

A claim by a church for coverage under its all-risk policy for losses caused by mold was denied

Mold is the New Menace to the Industry [6724] ?

Texas cases will help determine industry's future course on mold exposure

Mold Management Programs [24390] ?

Tips on mold management

Mold: Homeowners Policy Excluded Coverage for Mold [26596] ?

The court concluded that the mold exclusion was clear and unambiguous

Mold: Insurance Coverage Issues for Third-Party Claims [25371] ?

Article reviews insurance coverage issues related to mold

Mold: Underwriters Endorsing CGL to Remove Coverage [20928] ?

Exclusions related to mold and defective construction of which agents should be wary

Mold:Policy Modifications &Endorsements Relating to Liability Insurance Coverage [20871] ?

Endorsements or revisions to liability policies will most likely eliminate coverage for mold

Molds and Your Home [24944] ?

What you need to know

Pollution Exclusion in the CGL [pdf] [31655] ?

Issues in coverage litigation

Pollution Exclusion Minefield [36829] ?

Determining whether a product is potentially a pollutant or contains pollutants is getting more difficult

Pollution Exclusions Bar Coverage for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [30084] ?

The worker filed suit in state court against the owner of the grinder, alleging the company was negligent

Pollution: The Unrecognized Risk of Business Operations [pdf] [28385] ?

Understanding environmental loss exposures in business operations

Promoting Insurance-Based Solutions to Brownfield Redevelopment Challenges [30152] ?

States are implementing innovative programs to promote use of environmental insurance to clean up contaminated property

Risk Management for the Safe Transportation of Hazardous Materials [10696] ?

US Dept of Transportation risk management program for hazardous materials safety

Sick Building Syndrome and a Definition of Pollution Conditions [19220] ?

This definition conflicts with the obvious or natural meaning of the defined term

Street/Road Contractor Environmental Liabilities [pdf] [11341] ?

Environmental risk exposure sheet for street/road contractors

Top Ten Environmental Law Watch List [26580] ?

Highlight the top environmental controversies and issues likely to emerge

Toxic Mold in Buildings [21832] ?

Homeowners can sue builders

UK: Environmental Insurance [18436] ?

The types of environmental insurance available in England and Wales

Unexpected Hazardous Materials [27348] ?

What to do when encountering unexpected hazardous materials during construction

What the Heck is an Ensuing Loss? [31656] ?

In first party property insurance contracts, the ensuing loss concept comes into play when the initial loss is excluded

Who to Sue for Toxic Mold [20449] ?

Who might be liable for injuries and damage from a toxic mold infestation

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