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Guide on implementing an effective Directors & Officers loss prevention program. D&O Liability issues for nonprofit organizations. Advantages and disadvantages of three year D&O policies.

26 Resources
Avoiding Director Liability [pdf] [25854] ?

Directors and officers liability loss prevention guidelines

Bankruptcy and the Insured versus Insured Exclusion [8108] ?

Insured versus insured exclusion in D&O policies/claims by a trustee, etc of a company in bankruptcy

Blog: D&O Diary [13722] ?

A periodic journal containing items of interest from the world of directors and officers liability

Cyber-related D&O Exposures Grow [40760] ?

Cyber-related directors and officers liability claims expected to increase

D&O Articles [29099] ?

Analyzes D&O issues as viewed by the courts, the markets, etc

D&O Diary [40762] ?

Items of interest related to Directors and Officers Liability

D&O Glossary [pdf] [29107] ?

Directors and officers liability terms

D&O Insurance Basics [pdf] [29241] ?

An introduction to insurance for Directors & Officers Liability (D&O)

D&O Insurance Clauses [29257] ?

The basics

D&O Insurance for Private Firms [pdf] [19554] ?

Managing Risk of Directors & Officers in Firms Who Plan to Become Public Firms

D&O Liability Articles [32591] ?

A series of articles on the subject

Updated D&O Liability Insurance Overview [pdf] [27948] ?

Guidance in aspects related to D&O liability insurance

D&O Liability Loss Prevention for Non-Profits [pdf] [35706] ?

Guidelines for not for profit organizations

D&O Securities Litigation Loss Prevention [pdf] [35705] ?

Guidelines for general securities law compliance

Directors & Officers Liability Loss Prevention [pdf] [24670] ?

Spotlights D&O Liability Issues

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance - The Basics [29097] ?

Summarizes the basics of D&O insurance coverage

FDIC Pocket Guide for Directors [14936] ?

Provides directors with accessible and practical guidance in meeting their duties

Federal Prosecution of Corporations Guidelines from the Department of Justice [pdf] [15627] ?

Charging a Corporation: Factors to Be Considered

Independent Directors Loss Prevention Guidelines [pdf] [35700] ?

Guidance on good corporate governance and best practices regarding independent directors

Online Underwriting Information for D&O Liability Insurance [14619] ?

Online data is advantageous for underwriters because it is readily accessible & usually more current

PLUS Journal [17649] ?

Covers D&O topics

Principles of Federal Prosecution [16449] ?

The Federal criminal justice system prosecutor has wide latitude in determining when, whom, how, when to prosecute

Public Policy and D&O Insurance [20338] ?

Looks at a California court case examining D&O conduct exclusions

Risk Of D&O Liability May Be Greater For A Private Company Than For A Public Co. [17940] ?

Privately held corporations need to buy D&O insurance

The D&O Diary [35777] ?

A periodic journal containing items of interest from the world of directors and officers liability

Unexpected Coverage: D&O Insurance and IP Litigation [40761] ?

Reviews case decisions examining the question of coverage under a D&O insurance policy for IP claims

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