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Domestic and export trade credit insurance basics. Z-Score Bankruptcy-Predictor. Insuring your receivables. US Export-Import Bank's Export Credit Insurance Program. Estimating Uncollectible Accounts.

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Annual Credit Report [26810] ?

Each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies must furnish a free credit report to the consumer upon request

Consumer Credit Protection Act [17703] ?

Text of the Truth in Lending Act

Updated Corporate Credit Basics [17705] ?

Information to understanding the basics of business credit

Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips [27429] ?

How to avoid credit card fraud

Credit Card Laundering Is Dirty Business [17697] ?

Merchants who process other companies' credit card transactions are exposed to liability

Credit Insurance - Cost / Benefit Analysis Calculator [17675] ?

Decision tool for purchasing credit insurance

Credit Insurance and Commercial Factoring [17686] ?

Two traditional methods of sharing the risk of receivables management

Credit Insurance Basics [17681] ?

For consumers

Credit Insurance Common Questions [17729] ?

Q&A on export and domestic credit insurance

Credit Insurance Overview [17695] ?

Insurance for companies who sell to commercial accounts on so-called

Credit Insurance: Practical Applications in Receivables-Based Borrowing Arrangements [pdf] [17692] ?

Using credit insurance to support a receivables-based borrowing arrancement

Credit Rating Models and Papers [40109] ?

A series of white papers

Credit Risk & Operations [17687] ?

Letters of credit, credit insurance, collections, customer financial analysis, credit scoring method

Credit Scoring Insurance Series [26532] ?

How the insurance industry uses credit information

Credit-Based Insurance Scoring [20879] ?

Credit-based insurance scoring is becoming a popular measure of risk by insurance companies

Credit-Default Swaps [35000] ?

Cover potential losses on corporate debt, municipal bonds or mortgage securities they have bought

Customer Financial Assessment [17713] ?

Ratios & Formulas in Customer Financial Analysis

Customer Legal Credit Issues [17714] ?

Ethics & Laws Affecting Business Credit

Cutting Credit Risk While Increasing Sales and Working Capital [17688] ?

Increasing Working Capital Availability on Foreign and Domestic Accounts Receivable

Cutting Your Risk, European Style [17694] ?

Advantages of export credit insurance

Default Risk [25347] ?

Website dedicated to credit risk management and modeling for corporate debt

Equal Credit Opportunity Act [17704] ?

Guideline to follow when a consumer applicant is denied credit

Estimating Uncollectible Accounts [17708] ?

Setting a reserve for uncollectibles is a valuation reserve

Export Credit Insurance [pdf] [36959] ?

Risk - pro's and con's of ECI coverage

Export Credit Insurance [17645] ?

US Export-Import Bank's Export Credit Insurance Program

FICO Insurance Credit Scoring [22510] ?

How FICO scores work

Insurance Credit Scoring [9197] ?

The Use of Credit Information as an Underwriting Tool

Insurers & the Fair Credit Reporting Act [26809] ?

What insurers need to know about consumer credit reports

Insuring Your Receivables [17693] ?

The basics on this financial tool

Introduction to Credit Insurance [17643] ?

Provides an explanation of credit insurance

Letters of Credit: Elements [17722] ?

Elements of a Commercial and Standby Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit: Sample Procedure for Administration [17711] ?

Step-by-step procedure for establishing a stand-by letter of credit in your organization

Letters of Credit: Use and Application [17710] ?

Understanding and using letters of credit

Media Briefing - Credit Insurance [pdf] [17676] ?

The fundamentals of credit (re)insurance

Reinsurance Credit Risk [27840] ?

It is important to analyze the credit risk associated with the reinsurance selected for the program

Rules Based Credit Scoring Methodology [17721] ?

A method of evaluating the credit worthiness of your customers by using a formula or set of rules

Using Credit Insurance [17696] ?

Here's how you can use credit insurance to your advantage

What is Trade Credit Insurance? [17651] ?

Insuring yourself against the possible default and insolvency of your customers

Z-Score [17702] ?

Explains the Z-Score Bankruptcy-Predictor

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