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Issues surrounding insurance coverages such as additional insureds. Insurance coverage analysis. Policy wording issues. Waivers of subrogation issues.

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ACV - Actual Cash Value Definition [30108] ?

Explains ISO IL 01 02 05 05 form's definition of Actual Cash Value

Advertising Injury Coverage & the CGL [30115] ?

If not defined in the policy, courts must ascertain what constitutes

Allocation Theory: Exhaustion [31652] ?

Requires the insured to exhaust all primary policy limits before invoking excess coverage

Catastrophic Homeowners Policy ‘Exclusion’ [pdf] [36283] ?

Homeowners coverage issues related to the

CGL and D&O Coverage Issues [35403] ?

Other Insurance: D&O Policy Is Excess of CGL Policy

CGL and the Question of Intent [35394] ?

Examines court decisions on whether CGL covers intentional acts by the insured where injuries or damages are substantial

Collapse Coverage Insurance Language [24640] ?

What constitutes a collapse under a property insurance policy

Coverage for Mental Anguish without Bodily Injury [30148] ?

A minority of states construe the definition to include mental anguish

Coverage Issues for Global Clients [36834] ?

International exposures present risk management challenge

Detecting Uncertainty in the Meaning of Insurance Policy Wording [19221] ?

Discusses the ambiguity, vagueness, absurdity, and obscurity of contract language

Excess and Surplus Lines - Buyer Beware [36832] ?

Exclusions are rendering some policies useless

General Property Insurance Questions [13764] ?

Answers to general property insurance questions

Guiding Principles for Overlapping Insurance Coverages [19649] ?

The issues created by overlapping insurance policies

Insurance Contract Interpretation [20887] ?

A risk financing program may involve self-insurance & intricate layers of primary & excess insurance

Insurer's Duty to Defend its Insureds [24627] ?

What the insurer must do

Intellectual Property Assets Raise Insurance Issues [26499] ?

Consider the possibility of insurance coverage under one or more insurance policies

Is Accident Forgiveness Ethical? [30157] ?

Is it fair to all insureds?

Liability Policy with Classification Limitation Endorsement [36833] ?

The endorsement’s use can surprise any number of businesses

Misrepresentation & Certs [13758] ?

Consequences of adding information on certificates that misrepresents the truth

Mobile Equipment vs. Automobiles [16152] ?

Certain categories of vehicles qualify as “mobile equipment” rather than automobiles

Ongoing Operations Additional Insured Endorsements [30089] ?

Courts frequently broadly construe the scope of additional insured endorsements

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) [12914] ?

PIP, sometimes referred to as Medical Payment Insurance or Medpay, is a no-fault coverage

Separation of Insureds [19224] ?

Coverage issues raised by the Separation of Insureds condition of the ISO commercial GL form

Tips in Evaluating Coverage for Construction Defect Claims [16005] ?

Whether CGL insurance covers property damage arising from construction defects remains a hotly-contested issue

Top 10 Employment Liability Concerns [4065] ?

Which liabilities are covered by which policies

Waivers of Subrogation [pdf] [4066] ?

Overview of the topic of waivers of subrogation

Waivers of Subrogation - Insurance Coverage [21959] ?

Discusses a Fourth Circuit case that demonstrates the importance of waivers of subrogation

What Does Separation of Insureds Mean - Part 2 [21961] ?

Reviews the second subparagraph of the Separation of Insured condition

What is Subrogation and Why is My Contract Waiving It? [21979] ?

Understanding the waiver of subrogation provision

Workers' Compensation as the Exclusive Remedy [17960] ?

A personal injury claim may be filed whenever workers' compensation laws don't prohibit the personal injury suit

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