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Canada: Insurance Buying Checklists [6342] ?

What Canadians need to know before buying insurance

Canada: Insurance Information for Consumers [10397] ?

Resources from Insurance Canada to assist insurance consumers

Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight [4016] ?

Charged with helping implement many provisions of the Affordable Care Act

Gateway to State Insurance Information [9177] ?

Laws and issues affecting insurance coverage by state

Guide to Business Insurance [26811] ?

Guidance for small business owners

Home Insurance - The Basics [pdf] [14026] ?

A consumer's guide

Homeowner Disaster Claims Advice [27838] ?

Information on how to best present your claim is essential to obtaining a satisfactory result

Insurance Guide [9213] ?

Things for consumers to consider when purchasing an insurance policy

Insuring the Home-Based Business [30122] ?

The proper endorsements and policies needed to adequately protect home-based businesses

Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education [5483] ?

An educational site on life, health and disability insurance

Life Insurance Basics [17400] ?

Understanding the basics about life insurance

Protecting Your Home in Your Absence [pdf] [8017] ?

A checklist designed to help you prevent some of the dangers that can occur in your absence

Small Business Insurance [13113] ?

How to buy insurance for your small business

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