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Risk management information and resources for the construction industry.

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10 Tips For Keeping Construction Sites Fire Free [22496] ?

Fight Fire Before it Happens

10 Tips For Keeping Construction Sites Free of Crime Loss [25188] ?

How to prevent crime exposure on job sites

10 Tips To Safeguard Construction Sites Against Wind Damage [22495] ?

Don't Let Wind-Related Exposure Blow a Hole in Your Construction Site

A/E Professional Liability Loss Prevention [19551] ?

Articles by attorneys and risk management professionals for architects and engineers

A/E: Drafting an Enforceable Limitation of Liability Clause [pdf] [20941] ?

Discussion of the limitation of liability (LOL) clause in a contract

Additional Insureds and Completed Operations [17227] ?

Examines additional insured endorsements

Advice to General Contractors about Subcontractors [pdf] [36015] ?

Protect yourself with tighter control over financial aspects of a job

AE: Insurance for Architect- and Engineer-Led Design-Build Projects [15994] ?

Reviews the liability insurance typically purchased by A/Es

All Guarantees Are Not Created Equal [19213] ?

Provides insight into different guarantee forms and highlights the pros and cons of each

Builders Risk: A Tangled Web [38738] ?

Coverage varies by contract, may apply to non-builders, and is often litigated

CA-California Construction Defect Laws [19539] ?

Some of the laws related to construction defect litigation

Canada: Contractor Safety [17004] ?

Safety alerts and guidelines for construction hazards

Case Law Applying the Subcontractor Exception [26595] ?

Coverage for general contractors for property damage arising out of the work of their subcontractors

CGL Exclusion for Property Damage to Completed Work [31651] ?

Most jurisdictions have found that the general contractor's CGL policy covers faulty completed subscontractor work

Complex Construction Defect Claims: Who Pays First? [30123] ?

There is a potential overlap between the performance bond and the commercial general liability (CGL) policy

Construction Claims Monthly [6725] ?

Reports and analyzes all key U.S. construction cases

Construction Contracts - Indemnification and Insurance Issues [32895] ?

The contract requires that this indemnification obligation be backed up by liability insurance

Construction Defect Claims and Green Building [19540] ?

Construction defect problems related to green construction

Construction Defect Claims Mitigation [11644] ?

Keys to Preventing Construction Defect Claims

Construction Defect Litigation [12086] ?

Construction defect claims - what you should do

Construction Defect Litigation [18633] ?

Subcontractors Applaud Wis. Court's Ruling on CGL Obligations

Construction Defect Litigation [17963] ?

Frequently asked questions in California

Construction Risk Conference Handouts [25172] ?

Handouts from most of the IRMI Construction Risk Conference presentations

Construction Site Theft [18418] ?

Job site prevention tips

Contract Guide for Design Professionals [6651] ?

A resource on contracts, sample clauses and contract management

Contractor Qualification [15977] ?

Key components that should be examined when conducting a contractor qualification

Defective Construction Work: The New Business Risk Rationale [24650] ?

This two-part column explores another property damage-related myth hat borrows from the

Design Professional's Responsibility for Job Site Injuries [20101] ?

What to do when there are unsafe job site practices by the contractor

Design Professionals - Insurance FAQs [19095] ?

Design Professional insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Dig Safely Team [16771] ?

Supports the efforts of the Common Ground Alliance in promoting underground damage prevention

Excavation Accident Bulletin [16773] ?

Descriptions of recent accidents related to underground excavations

Hiring an Environmental Site Assement Contractor [13438] ?

10 Questions You Should Ask a Phase 1 ESA Contractor

Insurance Coverage for Construction Defects [32743] ?

Legal developments as of Jan, 2014

Introduction To Commercial Builders Risk Insurance [28726] ?

Builders’ risk insurance policies cover buildings during construction, renovation, or repair

Jack of All Trades [pdf] [36016] ?

Important tips to know before expanding outside your trade

Managing Construction Defect Risk [40811] ?

Proactively managing the risk is key

Molds: Insurance Coverage for Mold Arising Out of Defective Workmanship [17223] ?

There are many issues to the coverage available to an insured contractor for indoor mold problems

Owner Safety Leadership [25669] ?

For construction project safety, the owner must take the lead

Owner-Controlled Insurance Program Manual [pdf] [15692] ?

Example of the OCIP manual in use by a state turnpike

Project Management Protective Liability Insurance [14708] ?

An analysis of the coverage provided and comparison to more traditional forms of coverage

Project Professional Liability [31681] ?

Professional Liability Insurance Alternatives for Construction Projects

Protecting General Contractors from Future Conversion Claims [14617] ?

A guide on conversion claims and how general contractors can minimize exposure to future claims

Site Assessments [19685] ?

A series of articles defining the models used in conducting periodic site safety audits

Subcontractor Default Insurance [pdf] [19543] ?

Intended to substitute for the traditional surety performance and payment bond

Subrogation and Intervention in Construction Defect Case [30094] ?

A court opinion involving water and mold

Substance Abuse in Construction Industry [15976] ?

Focuses on substance abuse in the construction industry

The Subcontractor Exception [10601] ?

Subcontractors and the “your work” exclusion

The Super Wrap-Up Administrator [17226] ?

Examines specifically those activities an administrator will be responsible for

Underground Work & Utility Disruption Mitigation [21568] ?

One of the leading causes of disruption to underground utilities is damage due to excavation work

Warning Signs of Serious Construction Defects [26269] ?

If you see one of the following problems in your building, hire an engineer to investigate (pdf)

Written Change Orders [pdf] [36014] ?

Do not rely on verbal communication when agreeing to construction change orders - get it in writing

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