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The economics and risk management of climate change. Global warming and insurance implications. Climate change litigation risks. Impacts of global warming on agriculture.

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Updated Assessing Climate Change Impacts: Agriculture [31173] ?

The economy-wide implications of climate change on agricultural sectors in 2050 are estimated

Berkeley Earth Data Set [40155] ?

Merged data sets from preexisting earth surface temperature reports

Berkeley Earth Studies [40154] ?

Global warming papers

Carbon Disclosure Project [35517] ?

Annual climate change information requests issued on behalf of institutional investors to thousands of companies world

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events [38735] ?

What should we be doing to minimize the damage and costs of the rising risk of similar events in the future?

Climate Change Research [31282] ?

Up-to-date findings on the research on the environmental and economic aspects of climate change

Climate Change Risk Management [38736] ?

Recommendations from a climate policy study

Updated Climate Change: Basic Compensation for the Victims [31163] ?

A paper that considers how the costs of the effects of global change can be redistributed from victims to large emitters

Updated Climate Change: Limiting Liability in the Greenhouse [31162] ?

Insurance Risk-Management Strategies in the Context of Global Climate Change

Climate Risk Analysis [31200] ?

From the UK insurance perspective, a series of articles on the subject

Climate Risk Disclosure by the S&P 500 [pdf] [31202] ?

2007 report assesses how S&P 500 corporations from 11 key industries disclose the risks from climate change

Climate Techbook [31309] ?

Information on reducing greenhouse emissions from all sectors

Consequences of Global Warming [31281] ?

Brief overview of climate change patterns, health effects, sea level rise, ecosystem disruption

Destabilizing Effects of Melting Permafrost [33036] ?

There is likely to be an increase in rockfalls and landslides at high-altitude sites

Earth Materials and Health: Research Priorities for Earth Science and Public Health [31205] ?

The interactions between earth materials and processes and human health are pervasive and complex

Estimating the Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yields [31171] ?

Global warming will have substantial impacts on agricultural yields by the end of the century

Extreme Weather Sourcebook - 2001 [31156] ?

Economic and other societal impacts related to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, lightning and other weather phenomena

GHG Management Institute [38643] ?

Mission is to address climate change by building and supporting a global community of greenhouse gas experts

Global Warming 101 [31280] ?

The science and impact of Global Warming

Insights: Cap and Trade Design Issues [31317] ?

A series of papers regarding issues in the design of cap-and-trade programs for carbon emissions

Investor Network on Climate Risk [31312] ?

Strives to promote better understanding of risks and opportunities posed by climate change among institutional investors

Issues and Impact of Climate Change [31303] ?

Disappearing glaciers, forest fires, fatal heat waves and more

Limiting Liability in the Greenhouse [pdf] [35868] ?

Insurance risk management strategies in the context of global climate change

Mandatory Climate Change Reporting for Insurers [35872] ?

A discussion of the NAIC annual Insurer Climate Risk Disclosure Survey

NAIC Adopts Climate Change Risk Disclosure [35508] ?

Requires insurance companies to disclose financial risks they face from climate change

NAIC Climate Change and Global Warming (EX) Task Force [35871] ?

NAIC analysis of the impact of climate change on insurance

NAIC Insurer Climate Risk Disclosure Survey [pdf] [35870] ?

Annual reporting required by insurers on how they are handling the risks posed by climate change

NAIC Insurer Climate Risk Disclosure Survey [pdf] [35520] ?

The surveys must be submitted in the state where the insurance company is domesticated

On the Divergent American Reactions to Terrorism and Climate Change [31177] ?

Analyzes belief that aggressive steps to reduce the risk of climate change will not greatly benefit American citizens

Policy Options for Reducing CO2 Emissions [33149] ?

Report examines emission taxes, cap-and-trade systems, and costs of emission reductions.

SwissRe & Climate Change [31298] ?

Relevant trends, outlining Swiss Res position on the topic

The Economics of Climate Change [pdf] [31176] ?

Presents an overview of issues related to climate change, focusing primarily on its economic aspects

The Greening of Insurance [31307] ?

Every sector of the economy telegraphs climate risks to its insurers

The Greening of Insurance in a Warming World [31301] ?

Implications of climate change for the insurance industry

The Potential for Carbon Sequestration in the United States [pdf] [31992] ?

2007 paper examines methods, technological potential, and possible costs of carbon sequestration in the United States.

Trade-Offs in Allocating Allowances for CO2 Emissions [32983] ?

Effects of allocating CO2 emission allowances to the total cost of a cap-and-trade policy to the US economy.

Uncertainty in Analyzing Climate Change: Policy Implications [pdf] [31316] ?

Implications of uncertainty for research &development, mitigation of greenhouse gass, & adaptation to a warmer climate

United States Climate Action Partnership [31314] ?

Lays out a blueprint for a mandatory economy-wide, market-driven approach to climate protection

World Bank and Climate Change [40367] ?

Climate change is expected to hit developing countries the hardest

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