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Insurance and risk management checklists

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Business Continuity Plan Checklist [21743] ?

To assist with business continuity management process

Business Insurance Coverage Checkup for Technology Companies [31367] ?

Helps you determine if your business is properly protected

Business Owners Insurance Checklist [24084] ?

ill make it easier to talk to your agent about what insurance you need.

Checklist For Insurance Carrier Loss Control Services [4804] ?

Checklist designed to help you evaluate your insurance carrier's safety services

Contract Review Checklist [25622] ?

A general checklist

Flood Insurance Checklist [34317] ?

To be used for insurance coverage and risk management analysis

Insurance Claim Checklist [35165] ?

Gather the information claim representatives are most likely to need when a claim is reported

ISO Commercial Property Classification Checklist [26505] ?

A checklist for classifying property ownership

IT Risk Management Checklist [35627] ?

To assist with information technology risk management

Property Values Checklist [pdf] [34319] ?

To be used for insurance coverage and risk management analysis

Risk Management Checklist - Communications Liability [pdf] [35624] ?

A checklist for reducing lawsuit risk related to intellectual property, privacy and communications liability

Small Business Insurance Checklists [22180] ?

Checklists include business interruption, D&O, health insurance, key man life insurance, liability insurance and more

Supply Chain Risk Management Checklist [35626] ?

To assist with improving supply chain risk management

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