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Overview of ocean cargo insurance coverages. Factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase transit protection.

8 Resources
Cargo Insurance for Property Loss or Damage [37185] ?

US Dept of Transportation FMCSA requirements

Flatbed Tarping Practices [pdf] [31781] ?

A checklist for truck drivers when using tarps

Introduction to Cargo Claims [19877] ?

US Code, Section 14706 Liability of Carriers Under Receipts & Bills of Lading explanation

Load Securement [pdf] [40418] ?

Guidance from the State Police of Maine

Loading and Unloading Injuries [40185] ?

Tips to avoid injury

Marine Facultative Excess of Loss [pdf] [17338] ?

How Marine underwriters benefit from using facultative excess of loss techniques

Rail Cargo Damage Prevention [28920] ?

Carloading guide and intermodal loading guide to promote damage-free freight delivery

UK: Safety of Loads on Vehicles [pdf] [32278] ?

The dangers of overloading

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Security / Cargo Theft
Advice on cargo theft prevention

Security / Vehicle Theft
Theft losses by make and model. Tips to prevent auto theft

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