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Articles on business interruption including calculating business interruption values. Effects of corporate reengineering. Lessons learned from disasters.

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A Formula for Determining Business Interruption Loss [25677] ?

A policyholder's success depends on understanding the business interruption (BI) formula of insurance

Assessing a Business Interruption Claim [35393] ?

A claims evaluator must be aware of a multitude of elements when considering the claim

Blackouts, Brownouts and Other Illuminations On Utility Interruption Insurance [pdf] [25698] ?

Covers this emerging risk issue and whether or not a business loss associated with utility interruption is insurable

Business Continuity Regulations [pdf] [19632] ?

A list of legislation and regulations by country in a chart format

Business Income - Insurance Basics [37923] ?

To help in understanding business interruption insurance

Business Income Insurance Concepts [12920] ?

Legal precedents eliminate some of the confusion relating to this coverage

Business Income Interruption & Supply Chains [pdf] [31959] ?

Examining BI risks and continuity planning

Business Income Worksheet [pdf] [37922] ?

To help determine amount of business interruption insurance needed

Business Income Worksheets [24542] ?

Practical tools for getting an accurate measure of Business Income exposure

Updated Business Interruption Basics [pdf] [14517] ?

The basics of business interruption insurance coverage

Business Interruption Checklist [22181] ?

Follow these suggestions to help reduce BI losses

Business Interruption Considerations in Hurricane Claims [pdf] [15993] ?

The adjuster's evaluation and calculation process

Business Interruption Coverage [pdf] [20766] ?

How BI works

Business Interruption Insurance and Business Continuity Planning [19654] ?

Underlying Principles of Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Issues in the Power Industry [pdf] [28007] ?

A discussion of machinery breakdown challenges

Business Interruption Losses in Economic Downturn [40022] ?

The need to pay close attention to the economy and its impact on the insured's business

Contingent Business Interruption Insurance [20962] ?

Where this coverage is widely used

Denial of Access & Business Interruption [26597] ?

The denial of access due to a civil authority order and the effect of particular policy wording on business interruption

Documenting a Business Interruption Claim [17894] ?

Common and best practices in documenting your business interruption claim

Equipment Breakdown Insurance Basics [pdf] [23848] ?

Covers the physical damage and financial damage from equipment failure

Impact of Manufacturing Bottlenecks [pdf] [40807] ?

Business continuity planning must include the impact of manufacturing bottlenecks

Supply Chain Exposures [40101] ?

A break in supply chain can occur with a key customer—not just a key component supplier

Supply Chain Management [40806] ?

Managing risk in the supply chain

Ten Tips to Security Insurance Coverage for a Business Interruption [pdf] [24085] ?

Use these steps to enhance your business interruption insurance recovery

The Impact of Lifelines on Estimation of Natural Hazard Loss [27851] ?

Lifelines are the utilities and transportation networks that service a facility

The Professionals Involved in a Business Interruption Claim [14611] ?

Understanding everyone’s role in a business interruption claim is a good place to start your plan

Time Element Coverage [36831] ?

An overview of the coverage

True Downtime Cost (TDC) [26496] ?

A discussion

Understanding Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance [pdf] [26959] ?

What many insurance brokers do not explain

Understanding Business Income Insurance [17341] ?

Key components and considerations of this important coverage

When Civil Authorities Take Over, Are You Covered? [20097] ?

Coverage for business interruption due to a denial of access as a result of civil authorities

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