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Auto insurance basics. Explanation of auto insurance coverages. Car insurance consumer information. Description of the preferred repair shop process for auto claims. Outline of 20 items related to conducting an independent automotive damage appraisal. How to handle damage claims for 'specialty' automobiles.

53 Resources
Accident Response Fees [35493] ?

Some states are taking action to ban accident fees

Air Bag Fraud [24681] ?

The cost of replacing air bag components after a collision is one of the largest cost increases in repair

Assigned Risk: AIPSO State Plans [15440] ?

State auto residual market plans

Assigned Risk: Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility [15441] ?

Michigan’s residual market mechanism for automobile insurance

Assigned Risk: North Carolina Reinsurance Facility [15448] ?

Administers the automobile assigned risk plan for North Carolina

Auto Insurance Glossary [5133] ?

Provides definitions for auto policy terminology

Auto Theft and Insurance [21776] ?

Key facts and current developments

Auto versus Mobile Equipment in the 2004 CGL [pdf] [28710] ?

The challenge is to figure out what is considered an

Automobile Insurance & Bystander Emotional Distress [18441] ?

Outlines 2004 Connecticut High Court ruling limiting emotional distress recovery

Automobile Insurance - PAP vs BAP [pdf] [17622] ?

Coverage issues related to the personal auto policy & business auto policy

Automobile Insurance Guide [13446] ?

Covers the basics of six types of auto insurance coverage

Borrowed, Rented or Leased Vehicles [24683] ?

Here are some points to consider before using a non-owned vehicle

Business Use Of Employee's Autos [28728] ?

An Insurance Perspective

Car Accidents Advice [18514] ?

Answers provided to general questions related to auto accidents, insurance and the law

Car Insurance Articles [13442] ?

How to buy wisely, save money and make claims

Car Rental Insurance Basics [16412] ?

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

Commercial Auto Coverage Symbols [28729] ?

Commercial auto policies specify the extent of coverage provided by using symbols to indicate the breadth of protection

Commercial Auto Insurance [40775] ?

A series of articles to assist with understanding insurance coverages for commercial auto

Company Vehicles and Move Over Laws [40933] ?

A review of move over laws in the USA

Comparison of Insurance Costs on the Basis of Damage Susceptibility [pdf] [13628] ?

Comparison of passenger cars, station wagons/passenger vans, pickups and utility vehicles

Cost/Benefit Worksheet For Fleet Safety [4150] ?

Calculator includes the impact of indirect costs of fleet accidents

Distracted Driving [21763] ?

The dangers associated with driving and cell phone use, etc

Driving Scenarios [14532] ?

Take precautions and avoid hassle by knowing what to do after an accident

Drunk Driving and Insurance Issues [21770] ?

How drunk driving affects auto liability insurance losses

GAP Insurance - what it is [28712] ?

GAP is an acronym for Guaranteed Auto Protection

Glossary of Automotive Terminology [18662] ?

Provides definitions of automotive terminology

Hired Auto and Non-Owned Auto Insurance Coverage [25701] ?

An explanation of the basics

Individual Name Insured Endorsement [22325] ?

Compared to the Drive Other Car coverage (DOC) endorsement

Insurance Law: Auto Insurance [18503] ?

Find answers to common legal questions related to auto liability insurance

Insuring Self Driving Cars [35823] ?

Insurance issues

Managing Your Corporate Fleet Loss Exposures [13448] ?

Oftentimes automobiles are a business’s largest loss exposure

Minimum Levels of Required Auto Insurance [22314] ?

Chart of which states require minimum liability, PIP, no-fault or uninsured motorist coverage

NC-North Carolina Rate Bureau Automobile [15445] ?

Establishes rules and premium rates for auto liability insurance in North Carolina

Negligent Entrustment - Auto [36953] ?

Managing your risk

Negligent Entrustment of Company Vehicles [40932] ?

What it is and what you need to know to avoid it

NMVTIS - Auto Recyclers, Salvage Yards, Junk Yards Reporting Requirements [40037] ?

Reporting to NMVTIS vehicles that have been in the possession of auto recyclers, junk and salvage yards

NMVTIS - Insurance Carrier Reporting Requirements [40036] ?

Reporting to NMVTIS which is a repository of information on salvage vehicles, including “total loss" vehicles

No-Fault Auto Insurance [21765] ?

No-fault applies to state laws that provide for payment of no-fault first-party benefits & restrict the right to sue

No-Fault Auto Insurance Issues [24663] ?

Includes a review of state auto laws on the subject

Non Owner Auto Insurance [13447] ?

What you need to know

Non-Owned Auto Liability Exposure [28995] ?

Understand the risk

Owner Liability in Car Accident Litigation [26192] ?

Vicarious Liability for Car Owners

Personal Auto Policy [17836] ?

An overview of coverages provided by the PAP

Rental Car Insurance Coverage [22330] ?

To buy or not to buy?

Self-Insureds Must Write Down UM Limit Reductions [pdf] [27342] ?

2005 Connecticut court ruling on uninsured motorist limits and self-insured requirements

State Auto Law Compendium [pdf] [27355] ?

Overview of auto laws by state

State Traffic Fatalities [33307] ?

A fact sheet on US national crash statistics involving fatalities

Trucking & Insurance [21104] ?

August, 2004 overview of the insurance market for the trucking industry

Understanding Auto Insurance [14561] ?

Explains auto insurance coverages

Understanding Auto Insurance [40193] ?

Information on personal auto insurance policies

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage [40774] ?

An explanation of UM and UIM insurance coverages

Vehicle Telematics [36954] ?

Understanding these technologies that are changing insurance pricing and value-added services for customers

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Claims Management / Auto Claims
Auto and fleet liability claims management

Fleet / Accidents
Accident investigation & reconstruction, preventability, trailer underride, etc.

Fleet / Crash Tests
Vehicle crash data for the USA, Australia, Europe & Japan

Fleet / Drivers
MVRs. FAQ for owner operators. Log books. Driver response time.

Fleet / Fleet Policies
Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Legal / Transportation Law
Case developments, articles, resources related to transportation law

Risk Mgt / Consumer Insurance
Insurance bulletins & alerts designed for consumers

Risk Mgt / Programs
Full text of risk management policy and procedure manuals

Security / Vehicle Theft
Theft losses by make and model. Tips to prevent auto theft

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