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Actuarial Projects & the Captive [24401] ?

How to use actuaries to the best advantage for achieving maximum efficiency in risk financing

Association Captives: Renewed Interest [15409] ?

Associations are experiencing a renewed interest in captive insurance from their memberships

Benefit Captives [pdf] [38764] ?

Self-administering, Insuring and Funding Benefit Plans

Benefit Captives - Considerations [38765] ?

Funding ERISA benefits through captives

Captive Article Library [29214] ?

A series of articles authored by a variety of captive insurance experts

Captive Basics [12594] ?

Information about insurance captives

Captive Basics [21178] ?

Learn about Captives and how they may help your organization

Captive Court Cases [38772] ?

A review of IRS court cases related to captives

Captive Expert FAQ [2485] ?

Question and answer archive

Captive Formations [21116] ?

The basics

Captive Insurance 101 [23953] ?

The basics of captive insurance

Captive Insurance Companies [19177] ?

The basics

Captive Insurance Management [19198] ?

A series of articles

Captive Taxation [21180] ?

Major US tax issues affecting captives

Captives - Article. [1503] ?

Library of articles about captives and alternative risk industry

Captives - Articles [710] ?

Articles that explain captives and provide tips on their formation

Captives - Business and Tax Implications [8110] ?

Reviews the most common business reasons for forming a captive and examines the various types of captives

Captives 101 [20880] ?

What Are They, and Why Do I Want One?

Captives and Collateral [31643] ?

The amount of collateral can far exceed the other costs of the captive

Captives and Collateral Issues [36846] ?

Insurance trusts may offer a viable and cost-effective alternative to LOCs

Captives and Corporate Governance [30149] ?

Argues that Sarbanes-Oxley is about to descend on captives

Captives and Regulation [28697] ?

Captives are regulated in a manner different from traditional insurers

Captives and Reinsurance [28694] ?

A discussion of reinsurance and excess insurance as related to captives

Captives and Taxation in the USA [19191] ?

Tax issues with captives

Captives are Here to Stay [23952] ?

Captive insurers have become a well-established alternative to traditional commercial insurance

Captives News [1504] ?

Specific to the captive insurance industry

Captives: An Overview [38757] ?

Types, advantages, challenges

Choosing The Right Captive Service Providers [19185] ?

A checklist of what you should expect from your service providers

Fronting Wars [24400] ?

Common Causes of Fronting Failure

Group Captives for Employee Benefit Medical Coverage [38774] ?

Employers are looking at alternative ways to fund medical benefits

Guarantees and Captives [19199] ?

Why aren't group captives taking on higher risks, using post-loss financing guarantees?

Insuring Property Risks in a Captive [30142] ?

A property captive can bestow significant downstream benefits

IRS Revenue Rulings - Closely Held Insurance Companies [38773] ?

IRS has issued multiple Revenue Rulings, Procedures, Notices and Bulletins addressing various issues

Medical Stop Loss Coverage [40227] ?

There are two forms of stop loss coverage: individual (or specific) stop loss and aggregate stop loss

NAIC RRG Part A Accreditation Standards [38767] ?

NAIC Risk Retention Group E Task Force summary memo

Nine Reasons for Forming a Captive Insurance Company [19186] ?

Advantages to forming a captive insurance company

Reviewing Your Captive's Performance [38737] ?

There are many reasons a risk manager might want to obtain an annual, third party opinion of his captive

Risk Retention Acts [pdf] [2167] ?

Background and issues

Role of the Domicile Manager [24399] ?

Who Are These Firms, and What Role Should They Play?

RRG/PG Basics [21198] ?

Risk retention group and purchasing group basics

Self Procurement Taxes [36866] ?

By state

Self-Insuring Employee Benefits [38776] ?

Guidance for employers

Structured Insurance Programs [35388] ?

An overview of structured programs using the cell captive approach

The Basics of Fronting [21112] ?

There are several business reasons for this type of fronting arrangement

Using Captives and Risk Retention Groups Together [24667] ?

Following is a discussion of one of the more creative structures proposed

What is a Captive Program? [19187] ?

A fronted program offers four major advantages

Why You Should Start a Captive in a Soft Market [30130] ?

Underwriters are accommodating and responsive - making hay while the sun shines

Workers Comp: Hybrid Risk Financing Option [23971] ?

Combining large deductible plan with captive insurer

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State requirements for self insurance of WC

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