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Risk management handbooks and guides for growers. Educational materials on risk management from the US Department of Agriculture.

15 Resources
Agricultural Insurance Underwriting [pdf] [28013] ?

What underwriters need to consider

Agricultural Risk Management: Published Regulations [8454] ?

Educational materials from USDA seminar on risk management

Building a Risk Management Plan - Agriculture [8455] ?

Meant to help agricultural growers start building a risk management plan

CFTC Market Reports [8460] ?

US Commodity Futures Trading Commission reports

Crop Insurance Issues [21768] ?

Background and recent developments

Crop Insurance Today [4199] ?

Access to selected articles from the quarterly publication

Crop Policies [8457] ?

Information on crop insurance programs

FCIC Manager's Bulletins [8452] ?

Manager's Bulletins are released by the Risk Management Agency's Administrator's Office

FCIC Reporting Organization Server Bulletins [8453] ?

Bulletins are released by RMA's Actuarial Division

FCIC Research & Development Bulletins [8451] ?

Complete Listing Of Research & Development Bulletins By Year since 1995

Loss Adjustment Standards Handbooks [8456] ?

For crop insurance

NCIS Schools Registration Forms [14192] ?

A list of courses and online registration from National Crop Insurance Services

NCIS Special Reports Directory [8854] ?

A series of reports from National Crop Insurance Services

USDA Risk Management Agency Handbooks [8458] ?

Underwriting standards, program evaluations, loss adjustment standards and more

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin [14193] ?

Includes Palmer Drought Index and the Crop Moisture Index

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