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Additional insured endorsement principles. Issues related to adding additional insureds to an insurance policy.

24 Resources
Is Additional Insured Coverage Becoming Just an Illusion? [21975] ?

Whether an additional insured endorsement that excludes the negligence of the additional insured furnishes illusory cove

Additional Insured Endorsements [pdf] [28709] ?

Which apply?

Additional Insured Endorsements - Construction Industry [pdf] [32742] ?

White paper on AI endorsements and how they work in the construction industry

Additional Insured Endorsements Issues [31653] ?

Construction industry issues

Additional Insured Provisions [24410] ?

Thinking it through

Additional Insured Status [20502] ?

What does it mean?

Additional Insured Status - Risks [pdf] [36693] ?

Recognizing coverage risks with additional insured endorsements

Additional Insureds & Construction [17218] ?

Blanket additional insured endorsements are useful tools

Additional Insureds and Order of Coverage [pdf] [25678] ?

As relates to CGL insurance

Additional Insureds vs Additional Named Insureds [pdf] [36715] ?

Outlines the differences

Certificate Holder vs Additional Insured [36695] ?

The difference between Additional Insured and Certificate Holder

Certificates of Insurance and Additional Insured Coverage [pdf] [4063] ?

Useful tips to help your company ensure that its additional insured procedures and practices are effective

CGL Additional Insured Issues [pdf] [10098] ?

Key issues related to additional insureds and CGL insurance policies

Court Developments over Additional Insured Status [36838] ?

Courts scrutinize current additional insured endorsements

Does Extending Additional Insured Status Reduce Protection Available to the Named Insured? [36696] ?

Four classifications of "Insured" are contained in or endorsed to the commercial general liability policy

Indemnities and Additional Insured Status - Subcontractors and Material Suppliers [36697] ?

How to deal with indemnities and requests for additional insured status in your construction related contracts

Managing Real Property Exposures [40099] ?

Covers Additional Insured Endorsement and more

Manufacturer or Vendor - Who covers whom? [36837] ?

Time and circumstances have changed the need for additional insured coverage

Named Insured vs Additional Insured [36694] ?

The difference between a named insured and Additional named insured could be who pays a million dollar loss

Protecting Your Status as an Additional Insured [36700] ?

How to minimize the risks

Self Insured Retention in General Liability Policies [36690] ?

The danger of being an additional insured on a CGL policy with an SIR

Value of an [36699] ?

The certificate of insurance does not confer coverage of additional insured status

What Does an Additional Insured Endorsement Cover? [21976] ?

Manuscript Endorsements

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