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Actuarial models, loss reserving tools, CAS papers and more.

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Actuarial Standards of Practice - Casualty [31667] ?

Text of the ASOPs for casualty actuaries

Aggregation of Correlated Risk Portfolios: Models & Algorithms [pdf] [6314] ?

CAS report presents a set of tools for modeling and combining correlated risks

Basic Ratemaking [pdf] [38729] ?

Explanation of basic property/casualty insurance ratemaking concepts and techniques

Be an Actuary [39838] ?

Basic actuarial principles

CAS Committee on Reserves [4130] ?

Actuarial issues related to reserves associated with property and casualty exposures

Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models Exam [31668] ?

Syllabus and Study Materials

Contingencies [15807] ?

Selected featured articles from the American Academy of Actuaries

DARE - Database of Actuarial Research [1500] ?

Research papers of the Casualty Actuarial Society

Estimating the Workers Compensation Tail [pdf] [38733] ?

Paper represents an analysis of 160,000 permanently disabled claimants for 77 accident years

Loss Reserve Analysis - Estimating Tail Development Factors [pdf] [38731] ?

Presents four groups of methods in use for estimating tail factors

NCCI Actuarial Information [29223] ?

From NCCI’s Actuarial Committee

NCCI Class Codes [31673] ?

A list

Property-Casualty Insurance Pricing [pdf] [39834] ?

Actuarial considerations - cash flow, rate of return, profitability

Reinsurance - Unstable Loss Development Factors [pdf] [38732] ?

A project demonstrating the variety of methods used and the variability of the resulting reserve projections

Reports to the NAIC [15806] ?

American Academy of Actuaries current and recent NAIC-related efforts

Risk Quantification in Rapidly Changing Business Environments [17220] ?

Discusses techniques for quantifying uncertainty & presents GARCH modeling

Self-Insured Actuarial Study [pdf] [39961] ?

Example of an actuarial study of self-insured WC, GL, marine, property, auto liability and aviation programs

SOA - Past Exam Questions and Solutions [39839] ?

For actuarial exams

Variance Journal [6316] ?

Peer-reviewed research papers

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