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Information focused on insurance and enterprise risk management, such as: risk management concepts, case studies, D&O, EPL, environmental & medical professional liability. Insurer credit ratings. Claims management. Structured settlements. Risk management information systems (RMIS) technology. Business interruption. Insurance fraud. Liablity exposures. Product liability. E&O. Conferences and seminars. Discussion groups and message boards. Reinsurance. Alternative risk. Captives. Risk management department programs and manuals. Loss reserving. Cyberliability. Catastrophes. Surety.

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Actuarial models, loss reserving tools, CAS papers and more.

Additional Insureds

Additional insured endorsement principles. Issues related to adding additional insureds to an insurance policy.


Risk management handbooks and guides for growers. Educational materials on risk management from the US Department of Agriculture.

Alternative Risk

Captive insurance basics, captive fronting, group captives, single parent captives, risk retention groups and purchasing groups, association captives, captive structures

Auto Liability

Auto insurance basics. Explanation of auto insurance coverages. Car insurance consumer information. Description of the preferred repair shop process for auto claims. Outline of 20 items related to conducting an independent automotive damage appraisal. How to handle damage claims for 'specialty' automobiles.

Business Interruption

Articles on business interruption including calculating business interruption values. Effects of corporate reengineering. Lessons learned from disasters.

Captive Domiciles

Rules and regulations for foreign and domestic captive domiciles. State captive domicile associations. Captive domicile comparisions.


Overview of ocean cargo insurance coverages. Factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase transit protection.


Information on insurance catastrophe losses in the USA - claims data, etc.


Full text of a risk management program for vendor certificates of insurance.


Insurance and risk management checklists

Climate Change

The economics and risk management of climate change. Global warming and insurance implications. Climate change litigation risks. Impacts of global warming on agriculture.

Company Communications

Press releases, investor relations, financials from the websites of insurers and reinsurers


Risk management information and resources for the construction industry.

Consumer Insurance

Consumer insurance guides, brochures articles and alerts.

Coverage Issues

Issues surrounding insurance coverages such as additional insureds. Insurance coverage analysis. Policy wording issues. Waivers of subrogation issues.

Credit Risk

Domestic and export trade credit insurance basics. Z-Score Bankruptcy-Predictor. Insuring your receivables. US Export-Import Bank's Export Credit Insurance Program. Estimating Uncollectible Accounts.


Internet liability issues, loss exposures, insurance coverages, cyberspace claims and liability.

D-O Insurance

Guide on implementing an effective Directors & Officers loss prevention program. D&O Liability issues for nonprofit organizations. Advantages and disadvantages of three year D&O policies.


Discussion groups, forums, newsgroups, message boards and e-mail group lists.


Course materials & teaching notes for general concepts & principles of risk management & insurance. Educational programs and certification. Conferences and events.


Advice on environmental insurance for general business and industrial facilities. Brownfield's insurance. Environmental litigation. Environmental coverage case law. Environmental claim management. Description of environmental risk.


Overviews & answers to common questions. Key legal cases. Market survey of policies & endorsements available, etc. Sexual misconduct. Employer liability for workplace violence. Various types of employment practices liability claims. Risk management in the employment relationship.


Enterprise Risk Management materials.


E&O-related loss prevention libraries for architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, construction project owners, real estate, pension & benefit plan administrators, etc.

Fiduciary Liability

References related to ERISA Fiduciary Liability Insurance, ERISA Bonding, Employee Benefits Liability Insurance


Various insurance, liability, WC forms. ACORD forms. Sample RFPs. Transfer of risk clauses for contracts.

Green Insurance

Resources focused on the green insurance market segment including building, manufacturing and residential and auto insurance products.

Headline News

Daily headlines and weekly news articles of interest to insurance and risk management professionals.

Hold Harmless

Full text of a university's policy on hold harmless and indemnity agreements.


Risk management resource materials for specific industries such as schools, auto dealers, auto repairs, churches, small business, etc.

Inland Marine

Insurance for equipment breakdown. Issues, strategies and solutions related to six major power issues.


Actuarial library. Finite risk insurance. Insurance Research Council information. ISO insurance issues. NAIC white papers. Punitive damages and insurance. Insurer insolvency. Articles on insurance, reinsurance, finance and economics.

Insurance Technology

News and applications of technology for insurance agencies, brokers and insurers. Claims data standards. PRDP: Public Risk Database Project. Insurance data management.


Miscellaneous liability-related information, such as, managing hired contractors. Fiduciary liability. Liability of a predecessor company. Umbrella vs excess liability. White papers on liability issues. Police Liability Assessment Guide. Liability insurance and benefit plans.

Liquor Liability

Dram shop and social host liquor liability insurance - risk management to avoid incidents/claims


Working papers & case studies related to risk management & insurance. Benchmarking in the risk management process. Risk management principles and strategies. Reengineering. Catastrophe exposures.

Medical Liability

Medical professional liability exposures. Tips to prevent malpractice claims. Handbook on risk management for physicians. State-specific legislative information. Series of risk management forms and letters available for download. Answers to common questions about the release of medical records. Emergency room risk management. Series of articles on risk management and medical professional liability.


Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and construction wrap up risk management materials. Sample forms and programs. Basic benefits of OCIPs and wrap-ups. Full text of an OCIP manual in use by a state agency.

Political Risk

Articles and references related to political risk in countries other than the USA.


Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requirements for financial insitutions. Full text of the act, checklists, discussion of issues and more.

Product Liability

Full text of a product assurance manual. FTC's Bureau of Consumer Information on product safety in the United States.


Full text of a risk management program manual. Information and examples of establishing a written risk management policy statement. Outline of a generic risk management manual.


Articles and resources related to risk management, property insurance, property risk control, etc.

Public Liability

Risk management resources related to the risks and controls to be implemented when the public is exposed to the workplace. Includes public visitor protection program, ride-along and tag-along programs, risks from premises security litigation, trip and fall exposures, etc.

Rating Agencies

Canadian and US rating agencies with online reports (A.M. Best, S&P, D&B, Duff & Phelps, etc.) Rating information on insurance carriers.


Definitions. Industry reports. Contract language. Tutorial on the fundamentals of reinsurance. Reinsurance industry information. Pricing and financial modeling. Insurance fraud and reinsurance.

Risk Financing

Resources related to insurance risk management finance. Derivatives. Retention levels. Cost of risk.

Risk Management Dept

Each provides a variety of risk management and insurance information such as claims instructions, certificates of insurance, handbooks, newsletters, etc.


Answers to common questions on risk management information systems. Role of information technology. Review of vendors & their systems. Press releases, etc. Insurance data management. Standards for injury coding. Directories of RMIS providers.

Special Event Risk

Special events liability risk management materials. Special event insurance planning and risk assessment.


Surety bonding information and resources.


The effects of the WTC bombings on the insurance industry


Articles from risk management and insurance industry leaders on industry trends and topics such as banks selling insurance, the effect of the internet on distribution methods (e.g., the effect on middlemen), electronic commerce and more.


Access to the home pages of Departments of Risk Management & Insurance in universities in the United States.

Weather Risk

The management of the financial consequences of adverse weather for those with natural exposure to weather. Commercial trading of weather risk such as weather derivatives.

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