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GCat: US Laws & Regs
MCat: Regulations

Full text of US Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act standards and compliance assistance.

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CFR Pertaing to LHWCA [25137] ?

Text of the regulations

Long Shore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act [1969] ?

Full text of Title 33 Chapter 18 Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act

Longshore Deskbook [25141] ?

Provides research materials related to cases involving the LHWCA

Longshore Legal Briefs [1970] ?

Briefs filed on behalf of Director OWCP that state his position on the issue before the court of appeals in that case

Longshore Procedure Manual [25139] ?

Text of the manual for cases arising under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

US Code 5 Part III Subpart G Chapter 81 Compensation for Injuries [13440] ?

The law which extends benefits of LHWCA to civilian employees

US Code Title 42 Chapter 11 Compensation for Persons Employed by Military [13441] ?

Compensation for disbility or death to persons employed at military bases outside the USA

US Code Title 43 Chapter 29 Sec 1333. Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act [13439] ?

Full text of the OCSLA law which extends benefits of LHWCA to outer shelf workers

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