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GCat: US Laws & Regs
MCat: Regulations

industry guidance and official federal information on consumer product safety regulations.

9 Resources
CFR Title 16 Chapter II Consumer Product Safety Commission [4650] ?

Full text of the federal regulations for the CPSC

CPSC - News [3991] ?

News page for the Consumer Product Safety Commission

CPSC Advisory Opinions [21093] ?

The views expressed in these Advisory Opinions are those of the Office of the General Counsel

CPSC Recall Handbook [pdf] [158] ?

CPSC product safety requirements for industry

CPSC Regulated Products - Business Guidance [24451] ?

A guide for business and industry on procedures related to the enforcement of standards and regulations

CPSC Regulations, Laws & Standards [35527] ?

Resources related to the consumer product safety requirements in the USA

Industry Guidance - CPSC Requirements [1942] ?

Provides industry guidance and official federal information on consumer product safety regulations

Safer Products - Consumer Product Safety Risk Management System [38603] ?

A publicly accessible, searchable database of consumer product incident reports

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