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Ordering information for building code standards such as Uniform Building Code, Uniform Fire Code, National Electric Code. Full text of the Savings in Construction Act of 1996 - metric requirements in federal construction.

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AL-Alabama Building Commission [26968] ?

Responsible for enforcing the state's building codes

Building Owners and Managers Association International Standards [27334] ?

Purchase BOMA standards (fees are required)

Building Seismic Safety [20283] ?

NEHRP Recommended Provisions For Seismic Regulations For New Buildings And Other Structures FEMA 30

CA-California Building Standards Commission [26967] ?

Responsible for building codes in California

CA-California State Building Standards Code - CCR, Title 24 [12670] ?

Full text of Title 24, also known as the California Building Standards Code

CA-California: Energy Efficiency Standard for Residential & Nonresidential Build [13254] ?

Standards, manuals & forms for Title 24, Part 6 California Energy Commission

FL-Florida Building Codes & Standards [26970] ?

Florida Department of Community Affairs Building Code Information System

Glass Industry Technical Standards [26966] ?

A listing of glass and glazing industry standards

IECC: State Code Guides for the 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2006 IECC [31910] ?

International Energy Conservation Code residential code guides by state and county

International Code Council Building Codes (ICC) [1054] ?

Ordering information for building code standards such as I-Codes, NBC, etc

MN-Minnesota State Building Code [24049] ?

Current Rules that Make Up the Minnesota State Building Code

NARRP: Nationally Applicable Recommended Rehabilitation Provisions [13255] ?

A guide to the use of the NARRP - a self-contained, national model rehabilitation code

National Model Construction Code of Canada [11859] ?

Ordering information (fees)

NFRC Label & Rating System [26974] ?

National Fenestration Rating Council materials

NY-New York City Building Code Reference Materials [32533] ?

Rules, executive orders, directives, selected local laws, bulletins, etc

NY-New York City Energy Code [19624] ?

Reference materials from the NYC Department of Buildings

Residential New Construction Requirements of the 2000 IECC in Each State [26973] ?

Many states and local jurisdictions have adopted the 2000 IECC

Safe Room Resources [13273] ?


State Building Codes Database [10587] ?

Find building codes, local authorities and local utility information for city/county and state

Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) [34229] ?

Military technical manuals on structural engineering, structural load data, seismic design and more

Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards Checklist [pdf] [12295] ?

As used by US Dept of Housing and Urban Development

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Property / Buildings
Building design & architectural elements related to safety, maintenance, etc

Property / Fire Engineering
Documents on fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire protection

Property / Railings
Handrail and grab bar safety and accessibility requirements

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