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Full text of US Title Codes 33 and 46. US Coast Guard requirements for recreational boaters. Federal Register Notices on boating safety.

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46 CFR, Chapter II Maritime Administration, Dept of Transportation [8698] ?

Full text of the maritime regulations of the USA

American Board of Shipping Rules [20750] ?

Selected Rules, Corrigendas, Rule Change Notices (RCN) and updates to ABS Rules & Guides

Compilation of US Maritime Laws [20756] ?

The text of selected US maritime acts

Federal Laws & Regulations on Boating Safety [2611] ?

The pertinent parts of the Code of Federal Regulations to Recreational Boating Safety

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars [10044] ?

US Coast Guard NVICs from the 1956 to the present

Navigation Rules: US Coast Guard [897] ?

Information on the Nav rules

Reference Guide to State Boating Laws [12291] ?

Information about state laws related to recreational boating

State Boating Laws [2610] ?

Overview of boating laws and regulations in USA

US Coast Guard Navigation Rules [2606] ?

Navigation Rules (International - Inland), COMDTINST M16672.2D, also known as the Rules of the Road or the Nav Rules

US Code Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters [2612] ?

Full text of US Code Title 33 - Navigation and Navigable Waters

US Code Title 46 Shipping [20763] ?

Text of the US code

US Code Title 46: Shipping [2613] ?

Full text of US Code Title 46 - Shipping

USCG Marine Safety Auxiliary Qualifications [10042] ?

The Auxiliary qualifications mirror those of the Active Duty minus any law enforcement or military activities

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