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Includes guides to HTML code authoring, font selection viewers, color charts, and other technical materials for webmasters.

18 Resources
A Beginners Guide to HTML [17495] ?

A starting point to understanding the hypertext markup language (HTML) used on the World Wide Web

Bare Bones Guide to HTML [159] ?

Guide to HTML 4.0

Browser Color Palette [17497] ?

Color pallette charts organized by hue and by value

Updated Color Codes [21142] ?

Hex code chart

How a Web Page Works [5475] ?

Tutorial on basic HTML coding

HTML Color Chart [787] ?

Here are 216 web color codes

HTML Color Chart [804] ?

HTML color codes

HTML Color Chart [13794] ?

Sample Color Chart

HTML Color Picker [8136] ?

Viewer allows you to view what a particular color looks like on a web page

HTML Reference Library [772] ?

A reference source for HTML coding

HTML Validator [10255] ?

Checks HTML documents for compliance with W3C HTML Recommendations & other HTML standards

Learn the Basics to HTML [6704] ?

Provides basic instruction for beginners in creating web pages using html code

Special Characters in HTML [12535] ?

A table of the characters

Web & Application Development Resource Guide [5252] ?

Guidelines provided by a major university to their staff to assist with web page development

Updated Web Content [35931] ?

Covers a wide variety of topics including website evaluation, managing content, best practices and more

Web Design Basics [774] ?

HTML and web authoring tutorials

Webmaster Reference Library [13659] ?

Reference for HTML authors and webmasters

Webmaster's Color Laboratory [25628] ?

Click on a color for its code

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Technical reference materials for IT professionals

Technology / Web Page Programming
Libraries of CGI scripts, JavaScript, Perl, VBScript, etc & programming guidance

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