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Destination and travel information. Restaurants, travel magazines, vacation specials, etc. Guidelines on how to travel safely throughout the world.

31 Resources
Air Travel Consumer Report [11384] ?

Information on flight delays, mishandled baggage, consumer complaints

Airline Toll Free Numbers & Websites [1587] ?

Toll-free numbers for passenger airlines with links to their websites - worldwide

Baggage Tips [19694] ?

Tips on Avoiding Baggage Problems

Center for Disease Control Travel Information [1600] ?

Health information for international travel, vaccine recommendations, etc.

Computing: Before You Travel with a Laptop [3241] ?

Prepare for your next trip abroad with your laptop computer

DHS TRIP - Traveler Redress Inquiry Program [36234] ?

Gateway to address watch list misidentification issues

Encyclopedia of Travel [1598] ?

Over 6,000 pages of information for the leisure traveler, daily travel newsletter, etc.

Expedia [1588] ?

Travel agency with hotel directory, fare tracker, travel dispatch, weather watch, etc.

Flight Cancellations - USA [40580] ?

Live information regarding airline flight delays and cancellations within the United States

Flight Status [23250] ?

Check your flight status

Flight Tracker - USA [40581] ?

Live information regarding airline flights - track flights live

Fly-Rights [18011] ?

A Consumer Guide to Air Travel in USA

Frequent Flier [11862] ?

Descriptions of frequent flyer lans, news regarding changes, links to FFP websites

Updated General Travel Health Concerns [3234] ?

Description of pre-trip planning, minimizing risks while traveling and post-trip evaluation

Kayak [18485] ?

Searches the sites of travel suppliers for the best travel deals

National Traffic and Road Closure Information [6253] ?

The status for highways in the USA

Preparing Your Home for Vacation [19467] ?

Checklist to help you prepare for vacation

S mart T raveler E nrollment P rogram - STEP [40740] ?

US citizens traveling abroad can register their trip with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate for security purposes

Safe Travel: Advice for Air Travelers [23286] ?

US air travel requirements and safety advice

Subway Page [4438] ?

Find routes in subway systems in various cities around the world, including the USA

Tips for Summer Travel [19464] ?

Basic tips about travel safety and about travel insurance

Toll Free Numbers - Travel [24546] ?

Toll free numbers for airlines, car rentals and hotels

Traffic Pulse [17246] ?

Check traffic flows, jams and more in major US cities

Travelers Health: Yellow Book [31356] ?

CDCís guide to healthy international travel.

Travelocity [1590] ?

Internet resource for the do-it-yourself traveler

UK: National Rail Timetables [10939] ?

Train schedules for the United Kingdom

US Customs Traveler Information [8973] ?

An overview of Customs regulations that apply to travelers entering or exiting the USA

US DOT Aviation Consumer Protection Division [4215] ?

Rules, guidelines, air travel problems & complaints, travel tips and much more

US Passports [4440] ?

Online access to US Department of State passport application forms & related information

USA Real-Time Airport Status Page [14588] ?

General departure delay information for major airports in the USA

Useful Language Expressions [3249] ?

List of useful language phrases for travelers in various languages

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