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Actual time, time zones, world clocks, sun/moon rise and set, calendars, holidays, daylight savings time

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Calendar [3313] ?

Enter month and year to obtain that month's calendar

Calendar Generator [2292] ?

Creates one month or one year calendars

Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day [28857] ?

Obtain the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, transits of the Sun and Moon

Federal Holidays [5100] ?

Select the year for which you would like a complete listing of Federal holidays for that year

Updated Greenwich Mean Time [13391] ?

Obtain the GMT plus current time in USA, Canda, Europe, Major Markets of the World

Local Times Around the World [18021] ?

Time zones of the world

NIST Time & Frequency Division [28858] ?

Provides official time for the USA

Official US Time [28856] ?

A time-of-day service

Solar and Lunar Eclipses [5099] ?

Obtain the circumstances of recent and upcoming eclipses and transits

Sun & Moon Rise and Set [5097] ?

Receive sun and moon data

Sunrise, Sunset Calculators [5098] ?

Calculates the times of sunrise and sunset for that specific location, on that specified date

Timezone Database [13392] ?

Enter the city to obtain its current time

US Daylight Saving Time Schedule [28723] ?

Beginning in 2007, DST will start the second Sunday of March and end on the first Sunday of November

World Clock - Time Zones [2291] ?

Displays the current time and date for different time zones around the world

World Time Zone [13393] ?

Time Zone Maps with current time

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