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Information and directories for contacting USA federal government representatives in the House and Senators, as well as political party information.

10 Resources
Contacting the Senate [13928] ?

Addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all US Senators

Contacting the White House [19525] ?

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses

Democratic National Committee [13990] ?

Official website of the Democratic party

Green Parties World Wide [16394] ?

Official home page to the Green Parties' websites

Green Party of the United States [19496] ?

The National Committee of the Green Party

Libertarian Party [16395] ?

Official home page to the Libertarian Party's website

Project Vote Smart [8994] ?

Enter zip code to find the names of all federal and state legislators representing your district

PurePolitics.com [16393] ?

An interactive political web site - USA

Republican National Committee [13989] ?

Official website of the Republican party

Write Your Representative [13929] ?

Contact information for each member of the US House of Representatives

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