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Comic strips, cartoons & jokes specific to the legal, insurance, medical, safety, risk management professions, etc.

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Accounting Humor [33540] ?

Jokes and humor articles about accountants

An Insurance Holiday Tale [29890] ?

Twas Risky Night Before Christmas

Bizarre Driving Laws [30329] ?

A list of arcane DMV state laws

Comic Strips [763] ?

A variety of popular comic strips - Calvin & Hobbes, Cathy, Garfield, Doonesbury, Ziggy, etc.

Computer Stupidities [27749] ?

Most of these humorous stories about clueless computer users are true

Insurance Humor [1882] ?

Humorous stories from insurance professionals around the world

Insurance Jokes [29352] ?

A series of adjuster, actuary and insurance jokes

Lawyers: Rubber Room [5370] ?

Provides access to a very large number of lawyer and courtroom jokes

Library of Business-Related Jokes & Anecdotes [682] ?

Variety of jokes and humor categorized by business profession and functional activities

Medical Humor [591] ?

Medical jokes

Safety Cartoons [900] ?

Various safety cartoons

Safety Humor [20543] ?

Funny insurance claims: explanations and photos

The Dilbert Zone [753] ?

Dilbert comic strip archives

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