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Internet directories for individuals & businesses. Zip code and area code lookups. Geographic directories.

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Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites [28865] ?

US and international airlines

Area Code and Zip Code Lookups [35814] ?

Find area code and/or find zip code

Area Code Listing, By Number [2669] ?

United States & Canadian area code listings - listed by number and by state/country

Area Code Lookup [2170] ?

Search engine for area codes in the United States and city codes overseas

Canada 411 Directory [8656] ?

Over 10 million telephone listings of Canadian businesses and persons, including postal codes

Canada Postal Code Look-up [28864] ?

Find postal codes for Canada

Country Calling Codes [24545] ?

International Telephoning Directory

Country Codes [4649] ?

Telephone, internet and other codes for each country listed

Customer Service Phone Numbers [29082] ?

A list of companies with instructions to get to a human using their customer service numbers

Geographic Names Information System [26149] ?

USA's official repository of domestic geographic names information - municipalities, counties, etc.

GEOnet Names Server [26150] ?

Database of foreign geographic feature name

Internet Country Codes [6702] ?

Alphabetical list of countries and their url codes

Listserv Manual [2268] ?

Explanation of listserv e-mail discussion groups - page down approx. 1/4 of page for search engine

People Search [25804] ?

Locate email, phone and address information for persons within the USA

Reverse Lookup [8655] ?

Enter the telephone number and receive the listing information

Reverse Phone Directory [12448] ?

Find People by Home Phone Number and Cell Phone Number

SuperPages [1196] ?

Directories for businesses

Toll Free Directory Assistance [9654] ?

For businesses in the US

Toll-Free Directory [1201] ?

National toll-free telephone numbers

US House of Representatives Telephone Numbers [35934] ?

Listed by house member

US National Address Server [12137] ?

Type in a basic address - get back Zip+4 as well as correct capitalization, punctuation, street type

US Senate Telephone Numbers [35935] ?

Phone numbers and addresses for each US senator

USA Federal Government Agencies and Elected Officials [35933] ?

Links for US federal agencies and commissions

Wi-Fi Spot List [24305] ?

Resource for finding wireless access points around the world

Zip Code Distance Lookup [35816] ?

Air mile distance between zip codes

Zip Code Lookup [19378] ?

Find zip by city, county, area code

Zip Code Lookup and Address Information [2171] ?

To look for zip codes for addresses in the United States

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