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Brochures, books, fact sheets, leaflets, newsletters, posters, professional journals, technical papers, abstracts, consumer literature from the US government.

17 Resources
Budget of the US Government [24041] ?

1996 budget to the present

CDC Email Updates [3948] ?

An email subscription service

CFDA: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance [22023] ?

Obtaining US federal grants and assistance

Economic Report of the President [24042] ?

From 1995 to the present

Federal Deposit Library Locator [24034] ?

Locate federal depository libraries and search the Catalog of US Government Publications (CGP)

Federal Depository Library Program [596] ?

Search engine identifies information available in federal depository libraries

Federal Digital System [588] ?

US Government Printing Office databases & publications

GAO Reports [24043] ?

From January 1, 1975 until present

Updated National Service Center for Environmental Publications [21128] ?

Maintains and distributes EPA publications in hardcopy, CD ROM and other multi-media formats

NIOSH Publications - Safety and Health [169] ?

Safety and health publications available from NIOSH

RegInfo: Regulatory Information Service Center [633] ?

Find information about Federal, state, and local regulation

Social Security Publications [1824] ?

Publications and benefit information from the Social Security Administration

US Army Publishing Agency [16768] ?

The official source site for Army Administrative Forms and Publications

US Government [16272] ?

Sources for information on all branches and agencies of the federal government

US Government Manual [24037] ?

The official handbook of the US federal government

US Marine Corps News [21715] ?

Information about the US Marines

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents [24038] ?

From 1993 to the present

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