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Newsletters, journals, magazines, reports, news of interest to professionals interested in workplace safety.

11 Resources
AIHA Publications [909] ?

Selected articles for selected publications available online

EHS Today [3250] ?

Formerly known as Occupational Hazards Magazine

Government - Professional Safety Affairs Update [373] ?

Legislative and regulatory items of interest to safety and health professionals

Hazards and Workers Health International Newsletter [3736] ?

Trade unions, health and work

Industrial Hygiene News [5910] ?

Online version of the Industrial Hygiene News

Industrial Safety & Hygiene News [547] ?

Monthly magazine that focuses on workplace safety

Occupational Health & Safety [12891] ?

Online version of the monthly safety publication

Safety+Health Magazine [12528] ?

From the National Safety Council - online supplement to the magazine

SSA Journal [13315] ?

Journal of the Semiconductor Safety Association - abstracts available online

The Synergist [9935] ?

Selected articles available online

Workplace HR & Safety Magazine [6621] ?

Magazine for workplace safety professionals with limited online materials

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Organizations / Safety
Associations, non-profits, institutes concerned with workplace safety

Publications / Disasters
Periodicals and publications on disaster planning and management.

Publications / Ergonomics
Periodicals and publications on ergonomics

Publications / Fleet
Periodicals and publications on vehicle and traffic safety

Publications / Occupational Medicine
Periodicals and publications related to occupational and environmental medicine

Publications / Science
Periodicals and publications related to the sciences

Publications / USA Government
Publications produced by the US government

Safety Mgt / Headline News
Headline news related to workplace safety regulatory issues

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