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Newsletters, journals, magazines, reports, news of interest to professionals in medicine.

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American Heart Association Journals [428] ?

Major journals published by AHA for medical professionals

British Medical Journal [579] ?

Abstracts of selected BMJ articles and papers - available online from current and past issues

Emerging Infectious Diseases [993] ?

Peer-reviewed journal published by the National Center for Infectious Diseases

Journal of the American Medical Association [14576] ?

An international peer-reviewed general medical journal - selected articles online

Journals in PUBMED [2193] ?

Links to medical journals - some may require registration and/or fees

Medical Breakthroughs [578] ?

Latest news and reports from the world's leading medical centers and research labs

Medical Journals [24535] ?

Access to hundreds of medical journals over the internet

New England Journal of Medicine [642] ?

NEJM keeps practicing physicians informed on developments

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Organizations / Health
Associations, non-profits, institutes concerned with public health

Organizations / Nursing
Associations, non-profits, institutes associated with the nursing profession

Publications / Health
Periodicals and publications on consumer health

Publications / Nursing
Periodicals and publications for nursing

Publications / Occupational Medicine
Periodicals and publications related to occupational and environmental medicine

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