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Information about the potential risks of falls from windows and their protection.

11 Resources
Danger of Glass Shower Doors [37097] ?

Consumers report shower doors spontaneous exploding even when no one is in the bathroom

Dangers of Mini Blind Cords [22205] ?

Mini-Blind Draw Cord Strangling Hazard

Preventing Falls from Windows [23601] ?

Advice for window safety in the home

Stained Glass Windows Need Additional Protection [18323] ?

Guidelines from the Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA)

Updated Window Blind Safety [31925] ?

Information on the hazards of corded window treatments

Window Cords - Retrofit [31923] ?

Miniblinds and corded window coverings made before 2001 should be replaced or retrofitted

Window Covering Safety Council [31922] ?

Educational materials on window-cord safety

Updated Window Guard Guidance [18559] ?

Window guards can be easily installed in windows to prevent a child from falling if the window is open

Window Guards in New York City [18557] ?

City requirements related to window fall prevention

Window Safety Checklist [pdf] [18556] ?

For home safety

Window Safety Tips [31924] ?

Injury prevention information for parents

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