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Follow these tips to prevent building water damage from some of the more common causes.

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Air Conditioning Condensate Line Water Damage [22196] ?

An air conditioning unit can become a source of water damage

Cleaning Flood-Damaged Homes [25868] ?

Steps to take to control water damage from flooded bathrooms, etc

EIFS System [22232] ?

Information on Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems and water intrusion problems

Flood Clean Up [35721] ?

How to clean up after a flood

Flooding - Before, During, After [29216] ?

Your plan should include components that deal with the following

Low Flow Toilets - Issues [22200] ?

Outlines the problems that may be encountered with low flow toilets

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home [22194] ?

From broken pipes to leaking appliances, water damage can wreak havoc

Proper Caulking of Showers and Tubs [22197] ?

A small leak from a bathtub or shower can cause extensive amounts of damage

Protect Your Home from Water Damage [23811] ?

Proper home maintenance is needed to prevent costly damage to your home

Save the Antique [18338] ?

How to save water damaged antiques

Sewer Drain Backup [22201] ?

Steps You Can Take to Reduce Sewer and Drain Losses

Sump Pump Loss Prevention [pdf] [34861] ?

Prevent water damage from sump pump failure by following these loss prevention measures

Toilet Ballcock Valve Failures [22199] ?

Ballcock valve failures provide a great potential for a large water spill and water damage

Washing Machine Hoses [pdf] [34858] ?

Addresses water damage from washing machine hoses with a discussion of loss prevention measures

Water Damage - Cleanup and Mold Prevention [25743] ?

Strategies to respond to water damage within 24-48 hours

Water Damage Can Be Prevented [18333] ?

Follow these tips for preventing some of its common causes

Water Hammer Arresters [22198] ?

Water hammer is a water pressure surge that occurs inside water pipes

Water Heater Loss Prevention [pdf] [34860] ?

Prevent water damage from water heaters by following these loss prevention measures

Updated Water Incursion Guide [27442] ?

A sample standard operating procedure in the event of water incursion into any building

Water Valves for Washing Machines [pdf] [34859] ?

Replace faucets with a washing machine valve as a water damage loss prevention measure

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Flood hazard mitigation materials

Disasters / Mitigation
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Disasters / Recovery
Flood clean-up, disaster recovery program guidance

Property / Restoration
Cleaning and restoration of interiors & furnishings due to smoke & water damage

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