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Technical papers on fire protection, suppression systems, halon substitutes, etc. Fire protection engineering. Guidance for sprinkler system maintenance and testing.

35 Resources
Updated Automatic Fire Sprinklers [26643] ?

A variety of training materials

Automatic Fire Sprinklers Fact Sheet [5410] ?

A fact sheet in FAQ format

Automatic Sprinklers Submission Checklist [22186] ?

Checklist provides a basic guide for evaluating NFPA 13 sprinkler system compliance

Evaluating Small Board and Care Homes: Sprinklered vs. Nonsprinklered [25074] ?

Report on the effectiveness of sprinklered and non-sprinklered options in board-and-care homes

FAQ on Fire Sprinkler Systems [26376] ?

Sprinkler system types, etc

Fire Extinguishing Specs [18857] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to sprinklers and fire extinguishing system specs

Fire Protection System Maintenance [pdf] [34121] ?

A manual on the inspection, testing and maintenance of building fire protection systems

Fire Sprinkler Information [2227] ?

Technical data, articles about fire sprinklers and their maintenance and municipal legislation

Fire Sprinkler Initiative [5702] ?

News and study results about residential fire sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler Inspections [pdf] [38853] ?

Inspection, maintenance and testing schedule per NFPA 25

FM Approval Requirements for ESFR Sprinkler Installation [pdf] [277] ?

Approval standard for Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) sprinklers

FM Approval Standard for Antifreeze for Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems [pdf] [28942] ?

Anti-freeze solutions for sprinkler systems in environments subject to freezing

FM Approval Standard for Diesel Engine Fire Pump Drivers [pdf] [28948] ?

For diesel engines used to drive fire pumps that supply water to fire protection systems

FM Approval Standard for Fire Resistant Barriers for use with CPVC Pipes & Fittings [pdf] [28947] ?

For use in light hazard occupancy automatic wet sprinkler fire protection systems

FM Approval Standard for Flexible Sprinkler Hose with Threaded End Fittings [pdf] [28944] ?

For use in clean rooms, commercial suspended ceilings and ducts

FM Approval Standard for Pipe Hangar Components for Automatic Sprinkler Systems [pdf] [28943] ?

FM approval criteria for pipe hangar componets used in automatic fire sprinkler systems

FM Approval Standard for Seismic Sway Brace Components for Automatic Sprinkler Systems [pdf] [28945] ?

Approval criteria for rigid seismic sway bracing components used in automatic sprinkler systems

FM Approval Standard for Steel Pipe for Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems [pdf] [19634] ?

Approval criteria for steel pipe for use in above ground fire sprinkler systems

FM Approval Standard for Telescoping Sprinkler Assemblies [pdf] [28946] ?

For use in fire protection systems in anechoic chambers

Halon [815] ?

EPA information on Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program

Home Fire Sprinklers [1773] ?

A series of fact sheets

Introduction to Fire Detection, Alarm, and Automatic Fire Sprinklers [19355] ?

Overview of fire detection, alarm and sprinkler systems including system types, components, operations

NFPA Codes Related to Sprinklers [14695] ?

Text of the NFPA standards related to sprinkler systems

Updated Obstruction of Fire Sprinklers [32023] ?

Storage hazards to avoid with sprinklers

PL 102-522 for Fire Alarm and Automatic Sprinkler Installations [13256] ?

HUD guide for implementation of Public Law 102-522

Preventing Frozen Sprinkler Systems [pdf] [21535] ?

What to do to prevent freeze up of fire sprinkler systems

Quarterly Sprinkler Test Results [19650] ?

NFPA 25 Summary of Minimum Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems [8276] ?

Home fire sprinkler guidance

Residential Sprinkler Ordinances by State [14681] ?

Lists jurisdictions by state that require residential fire sprinklers in 1 & 2-family homes

Residential Sprinklers [14682] ?

Why you should consider residential fire sprinklers in your home

Sample Sprinkler Test Log [pdf] [21536] ?

Download a sample sprinkler test log

Sprinkler Retrofits: Life-Cycle Issues [27323] ?

A building owner should get answers to the following questions before embarking on a retrofit

Testing and Maintenance of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems [pdf] [26654] ?

Inspection and testing recommendations

Tips For Buildings With Sprinkler Systems [21534] ?

A checklist to recognize what you need to do to assure that the sprinkler system is maintained properly

Water-Mist Fire Suppression Systems [pdf] [27446] ?

Practical issues relating to the design

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Smoke detectors, smoke management, smoke alarms

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