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ADA accessibility handrail and grab bar requirements. OSHA, UBC handrail specifications. Ramp railing requirements.

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ADA Building Codes for Wheelchair Ramps [36209] ?

A brief review of wheelchair ramp accessibility requirements

Handrail - Type II Basics [pdf] [38411] ?

What a Type II handrail is

Handrail and Guardrail Code Requirements [36210] ?

An overview of code restrictions IRC, IBC, ANSI and ADAAG

Residential Stair Stairways and Handrails [38413] ?

1994 Uniform Building Code basic minimum design requirements for residences (Group R occupancies, Division 3)

Rise Run Stringer Stairs Calculator [38414] ?

To determine stair rise and run of each step and the length of boards needed for stair stringers

Updated Stair Safety [8279] ?

Recommendations for stair safety

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Regulations / Building
Ordering information for building code standards such as UBC, UFC, NEC

Safety / Ladders-Platforms
Ladder and work platform safety

Safety / Slips and Falls
Technical safety materials on falls from walking and working surfaces

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