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How to assess lighting conditions. Evaluating the need for an upgrade. Financial considerations.

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Cleaning Up a Broken CFL [39500] ?

What to do with a broken compact flourescent light bulb

Updated Commercial Building Lighting Upgrade Requirements [19043] ?

Energy Star requirements

Evaluating Performance Characteristics of Energy Efficient Lighting Systems [pdf] [11853] ?

This paper defines some key performance characteristics used in comparing lamps and ballasts

Exit and Emergency Lighting [497] ?

Discusses the Life Safety Code and OSHA requirements for exit and emergency lighting

Illuminance - Recommended Light Levels [14362] ?

Recommended light levels - illuminance - for some common types of working activities

International Commission on Illumination [12454] ?

International organization that focuses on all matters relating to the science and art of lighting

Lighting for Industry [pdf] [31772] ?

Factors for effective illumination

Lighting Research Center [2458] ?

Commercial lighting, residential lighting, transportation lighting and more

Metal Halide Lamps [19623] ?

Safety type lamps should be used

National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions [10610] ?

Certification of lighting engineers in the lighting industry - LC Lighting Certified

Parking Lot and Area Luminaires [pdf] [32599] ?

Report on parking lot and area lighting.

Photoluminescent Stairwell Installations in Office Buildings [pdf] [11839] ?

The use of photoluminescent material (PLM) systems in office building evacuations

Photoluminescent Technology: Reliable Emergency Lighting in Buildings [11840] ?

Use of Photoluminescent Material for Emergency Lighting

Physical Security Lighting [10025] ?

Outlines provisions for security lighting

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Equipment breakdown insurance

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