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Lessons learned from property losses - fires, power outages, wood dust explosion, warehouse fires, etc.

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Boiler Room Red Flags [15971] ?

Some of the common hazards encountered

Cramer Fire, Idaho 2003 [19416] ?

Lessons learned from this wildland fire that resulted in a firefighter fatality

Fire Fighters: Preventing Injuries & Deaths Due to Structural Collapse [15551] ?

Fire fighters are frequently injured or killed when burning structures collapse without warning

Fire Fighting Hazards During Propane Tank Fires [15552] ?

Firefighter fatality incident

Fire Investigation Articles [27754] ?

Case studies that are instructive as to what can be expected when analyzing fire losses

Fire Investigations [389] ?

Summaries of selected NFPA fire investigation reports

Industrial Fires [24716] ?

Lessons learned from industrial fires

Japanese Reports on Electrical Fire Causes [12794] ?

Series of abstracts from Japanese forensics

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Disasters / Disasters
US federally declared disasters, catastrophe information

Risk Mgt / Catastrophes
Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

Safety Mgt / Lessons Learned
Analyses of lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

Security / Arson
Arson prevention, statistics, training programs, investigations, etc.

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