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Resources on the links between imported drywall and metal corrosion and health problems. Studies on indoor environmental quality and analysis of HVAC, gas distribution and fire safety equipment in residences with Chinese drywall.

19 Resources
Analysis of Electrical Components in Homes with Chinese Drywall [pdf] [36258] ?

A technical report on electrical components harvested from homes in Florida and Virginia

Chinese Drywall Factsheet [pdf] [36243] ?

A fact sheet for consumers

Chinese Drywall Pictures [36250] ?

Chinese drywall markings, copper corrosion, darkened mirrors, plumbing fixture corrosion and more

Chinese Drywall Remediation Guidance [pdf] [36257] ?

An approach to safety and health issues related to corrosion problems from drywall

Consumer Chinese Drywall Complaint Report [36260] ?

How to file a complaint with the CPSC

Corrosion in Homes with Chinese Drywall [36241] ?

Assessment of Health Hazards Related to Indoor Copper Corrosion Possibly Associated with Imported Drywall

CPSC Drywall Information Center [36262] ?

The CPSC is the lead agency in an intra-agency investigation of Chinese drywall

Drywall Safety Act of 2012 [36255] ?

Federal drywall labeling requirements, etc

FL-Florida Chinese Drywall Disposal Guidance [pdf] [36252] ?

Interim guidance from the State of Florida

FL-Florida Imported Drywall Information [36247] ?

Resources for Florida residents with Chinese drywall issues

Health and Product Safety Issues Associated with Imported Drywall [36253] ?

Testimony from the May 21, 2009 hearing by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

Identification of Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall [pdf] [36256] ?

Source markers and detection methods

Updated Imported Chinese Drywall Health Issues [pdf] [36261] ?

An FAQ on the subject

Imported Drywall and Health [pdf] [36242] ?

A guide for health care providers

Imported Drywall Health Problem [36245] ?

Health Effects and Property Damage from Contaminated Drywall

Imported Drywall Self-Assessment Guide [36249] ?

For signs that a home may be affected with Chinese drywall issues

LA-Louisiana Imported Drywall Information [36246] ?

Resources for Louisiana residents with Chinese drywall issues

Updated VA-Virginia Imported Drywall Information [36248] ?

Chinese drywall issues

White Paper on Corrosive Drywall [pdf] [36251] ?

2010 paper from the American Industrial Hygiene Assoc

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