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Guidelines on fire prevention & fire evacuation programs. Safety talks. Abstracts of fire investigation reports. Fire reporting procedures. Home fire safety. Exits and emergency lighting. Smoke detectors.

37 Resources
Assessing Warehouse Fire Safety [27176] ?

An explanation of the concerns associated with protecting warehouses

Automatic Door Safety Slide Checks [24958] ?

Guidelines for conducting daily checks

Camper Fire Safety [pdf] [21608] ?

Camping tentage flammability and camping fire safety tips

Campus Dorm/College Housing Fires [19318] ?

Statistics on School, College, and University Dormitory, Fraternity, and Sorority House Fires

Campus Fire Safety [17613] ?

A university's fire safety program

Campus Fire Watch [19316] ?

Fire studies and reports on school, college, university dormitories, fraternities & sororities

College Fire Safety [19365] ?

Guides and fact sheets for campus administrators

College Fire Safety Forms [5463] ?

Sample evacuation plan, self-inspection fire safety checklist, fire drill tips and more

Electric Heat Tapes Help Prevent Fires [10558] ?

CPSC offers these safety tips for purchasing, installing, and maintaining electric heat tapes

Fire / Life Safety Guide for Events [pdf] [22291] ?

A fire and life safety management guide for public assembly events

Updated Fire Brigade Standards [pdf] [18943] ?

Safety standards for establishing a fire brigade

Fire Hazard Prevention [18944] ?

Alerts focused on preventing fires in the workplace

Fire Prevention [5944] ?

Public education materials

Fire Prevention and Life Safety [1] ?

University fire prevention and life safety plan instructions

Fire Prevention and Safety Campaigns [15962] ?

Encourage Americans to practice fire safety and to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of fire

Fire Prevention Tips [11643] ?

Basic advice for consumers regarding fire prevention

Fire Protection Through Prevention [12025] ?

Fire safety tips for the general public

Fire Safe Student Housing [25075] ?

A Guide for Campus Housing Administrators

Fire Safety Consumer Brochures [23904] ?

Fact sheets for consumers

Fire Safety Information [312] ?

Safety advice for the homeowner

Fire Safety Planning [pdf] [25954] ?

A good fire safety plan has three main elements: prevention, evacuation and fire fighting

Fire Safety Prevention Handout [28372] ?

Example of fire safety rules

Updated Fire Safety Topics [12532] ?

Safety guidelines for fire prevention

Updated Fire, Burn and Scald Prevention [15561] ?

A series of fact sheets and safety tips

Home Fire Drills [23851] ?

Create and practice a home fire drill twice a year

Home Fire Safety [23816] ?

Fire safety tips for your family

Home Fire Safety Tips [40365] ?

A tip sheet for home owners

Mobile Home Safety - Fire Prevention [23822] ?

Fire safety in manufactured homes

NFPA 600 Standard on Industrial Fire Brigades [26656] ?

Requirements for fire brigades

Occupant Behavior During an Office High-Rise Fire [pdf] [11846] ?

An analysis of occupant behavior

Updated Office Fire Safety [26901] ?

Common sense steps that you can take now to prevent serious injury or even death in the event of a fire in the workplace

Propane Safety Awareness Manual [pdf] [28970] ?

Control the hazards caused by the use of propane-fired equipment

Protecting Your Home Against Cooking Fires [12664] ?

Basic fire safety tips

Space Heater Safety Tips [23821] ?

Safety tips on the use of space heaters

Updated Summary of the Corridor Utilization Policy [pdf] [3758] ?

Text of a policy regarding storage in corridors

Teaching Fire Safety to Children [5942] ?

Online resources for teachers responsible for teaching fire safety

USFA Publications [1058] ?

Publications from the US Fire Administration relating to fire safety

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Disasters / Evacuations
Guidelines on emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Disasters / Wildfires
Wildfire management and mitigation, campfire rules, etc.

OSHA / Fire Safety
OSHA technical resources on fire safety

Property / Buildings
Building design & architectural elements related to safety, maintenance, etc

Property / Extinguishers
References on portable fire extinguishers

Property / Fire Engineering
Documents on fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire protection

Property / Fire Hazards
Control of special fire hazards

Property / Lighting
Descriptions of lighting technologies

Property / Safety Programs
Full text fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Property / Smoke
Smoke detectors, smoke management, smoke alarms

Regulations / Building
Ordering information for building code standards such as UBC, UFC, NEC

Safety Mgt / Bulletins
Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

Safety Mgt / Checklists
Safety self-inspections, self-evaluation checklists, yes/no questions

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