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Information on energy efficiency technologies for buildings including recommendations and success stories.

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Advanced Building Technologies [26250] ?

Technologies & practices to improve energy efficiency of commercial and multi-unit residential buildings

Alliance to Save Energy [26909] ?

Energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest, cleanest way to extend our world's energy supplies

Buildings Codes Assistance Project [31911] ?

Reducing the Nation's energy consumption through the adoption, implementation, and utilization of building energy codes

Consortium for Energy Efficiency [4099] ?

Actively promotes the use of energy-efficient products and services

DOE - Weatherization Assistance Program [37780] ?

Assists low-income families who lacked resources to invest in energy efficiency

DOE Building Technologies Program [8208] ?

DOE information on energy efficiency technologies for buildings

Updated Driving to Green Buildings: The Transportation Energy Intensity of Buildings [32607] ?

Article on greenhouse gas associated with differing modes of transportation and the energy intensity of buildings.

Energy IQ Test [15517] ?

True/false quiz

Updated Energy Star [8197] ?

EPA symbol for energy efficiency

Updated Energy Star for Industry [21784] ?

Tools to measure your current energy & financial performance & potential for improvement

Updated Energy Star Qualified Homes Checklist [pdf] [39367] ?

To qualify as an Energy Star, a home must meet the requirements of six checklists

Updated Energy Star Small Business [8200] ?

EPA energy efficiency program for small business

Energy-Saving Consumer's Guide [2461] ?

Reduce energy consumption & costs, reduce environmental impacts of facilities

Federal Energy Management Program [8202] ?

Information about energy-efficient building technologies

Updated Federal Incentives for Renewals and Efficiency [37777] ?

Renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and policies in effect in the United States

Home Energy Saver Audit [31926] ?

Web-based home energy audit tool

How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows [31909] ?

Recommendations for the selection and use of windows that are energy-efficient

Updated Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC) Database [23640] ?

Assessments: Industry Type, Size, Year, Energy Costs, Products - Recommendations: Type, Savings, Cost, Implemented

New Buildings Institute [31918] ?

Guidelines on a variety of topics relating to the energy efficiency of commercial buildings

NFRC: National Fenestration Rating Council [31919] ?

Independent rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows, doors, skylights & attachment products

Residential Energy Audits and Energy Assessments [37781] ?

Technical aids, single and multi-family dwelling audits and other energy audits

State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency [31908] ?

Information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency

StateTax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency [39368] ?

Details the US tax credits for energy efficiency by state

Wind Chart - US Cities [37778] ?

Average wind speed (MPH) for cities in the United States

Wind Energy Fact Sheets [37779] ?

Wind energy basics, small wind systems, federal wind energy policy and more

Updated Wind Turbine Ordinances [31907] ?

State and local wind turbine ordinances

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