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Information from federal and state OSHA regarding VPP: Voluntary Protection Programs, Star programs, safety program recognition

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AL-Alabama Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program [25032] ?

SHARP program and consultation information

Updated AZ-Arizona's Voluntary Protection Program [24917] ?

The state's VPP is limited to the Star Program in general industry

CA-California Voluntary Protection Program [24910] ?

Emphasizes the importance of site-specific occupational safety and health programs

CT-Connecticut Recognition & Exemption Programs [24911] ?


FL-Florida SHARP [25040] ?

SHARP is the OSHA Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program

IA-Iowa SHARP and VPP Recognition Programs [25024] ?

SHARP and VPP are company recognition programs for safety and health management

IN-Indiana INSHARP [25042] ?

INSHARP (Indiana Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program)

KS-Kansas SHARP [25896] ?

SHARP is administered in conjunction with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

KY-Kentucky Voluntay Protection Partnership [24912] ?

KY-OSH's STAR Program

MA-Massachusetts SHARP Program [25054] ?

For smaller, high-hazard employers who operate exemplary safety and health programs

MD-Maryland VPP [25052] ?

Maryland Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

ME-Maine STAR Program [25127] ?

Details on Maine's Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP)

MI-Michigan Voluntary Protection Program [25025] ?

Michigan Star and Rising Star programs are explained

MN-Minnesota Star Program [24996] ?

MNSTAR worksites

Updated MO-Missouri Employer Recognition Program [25055] ?

Missouri's SHARP Program details

NC-North Carolina Star Safety Program [24913] ?

The Carolina Star Programs are designed to recognize and promote effective safety and health management

ND-North Dakota SHARP [25058] ?

North Dakota's Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program

NJ-New Jersey SHARP & On-Site Consultation Program [25057] ?

Recognition of employers who have demonstrated exemplary achievements in workplace safety and health

NM-New Mexico Zia Star Voluntary Protection Program [26486] ?

New Mexico's version of the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

OR-Oregon Voluntary Protection Program [24914] ?

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is a cooperative compliance program

OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs [5920] ?

VPP: designed to recognize and promote effective safety and health management

SC-South Carolina OSHA Voluntary Programs [6052] ?

South Carolina Palmetto Star Voluntary Protection Program

TN-Tennessee Voluntary Protection Program [24915] ?

TOSHA STAR program designed to recognize and promote effective safety and health management

VA-Virginia Voluntary Protection Program [25026] ?

Designed to recognize and promote exceptional safety and health management programs

Voluntary Protection Program Workshops [11404] ?

Calendar of events and workshops for VPP for OSHA or DOE

VT-Vermont VPP [25062] ?

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) implementation by VOSHA

WA-Washington State's Voluntary Protection Program [24916] ?

WISHA's Voluntary Protection Programs - Star and Merit

WY-Wyoming OSHA Recognition Programs [25028] ?

Explains the CVPP, SHARP and EVTAP programs

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