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OSHA policies and procedures for handling worker complaints. Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company or SIC code. Adjudication of workplace safety and health disputes between the Department of Labor and employers. OSHA inspection practices and policies. The relationship between violations and OSHA penalties. Variance. OSHA Review Commission Decisions.

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CA-California Corporate Criminal Liability Act [10585] ?

Outlines the requirements of employers in California to notify Cal-OSHA of concealed dangers

CA-California OSHA Citation, Notification of Penalty &Verification of Abatement [10590] ?

Full text of the procedures used by Cal/OSHA personnel - Cal/OSHA 2, 2X, 160, 161 and 161A

CA-California OSHA Complaint Evaluation and Evidence Documentation [12301] ?

8 CCR Section 5110 complaint-handling procedures by Cal/OSHA

CA-California OSHA Documentation Worksheet & Violation Classification [10586] ?

Cal/OSHA 1B documentation worksheet completion procedures

CA-California OSHA Order Prohibiting Use [8186] ?

Issuance procedures for Cal/OSHA Form 8 prohibiting use and Form S-172 "Yellow Tag"

CA-California OSHA Proposed Penalty Worksheet [6672] ?

Instructs personnel on how to complete Cal/OSHA Form 10

CA-California OSHA Special Order [10591] ?

Outlines the procedures used by Cal/OSHA to issue a Special Order

CA-California OSHA Variances, Memoranda of Understanding, Long-Term Agreements [9340] ?

Variances, memoranda of understanding, long-term abatements, joint & voluntary agreements

CA-California OSHA Violation-By-Violation Penalties [11660] ?

Handling of cases to be proposed for violation-by-violation penalties

Contacting OSHA [8606] ?

Information on how to contact OSHA for emergencies, compliance & regulatory questions, etc.

General Duty Standard Search [23355] ?

Enforcement database for 5a1 standard abstracts

Updated General Industry OSHA Quick Start [28903] ?

Applies to workplaces that are subject to OSHA's general industry standards

Most Frequently Violated OSHA Standards [3546] ?

Search engine lists the most frequently cited OSHA violation - state or federal

Multiemployer Worksites [24192] ?

If an exposing employer meets all these defenses, that employer shall not be cited

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission [3675] ?

Adjudication of workplace safety and health disputes between the Department of Labor and employers

OSHA Complaint Policies and Procedures [30638] ?

OSHA procedures for handling complaints of an alleged safety or health hazard

OSHA FAQ [40451] ?

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding US OSHA

OSHA Inspection Detail Definitions [23354] ?

Descriptions for the information contained on inspection details

OSHA Office of Federal Agency Programs [11710] ?

The point of contact in OSHA for the Federal Sector

OSHA Standards Interpretations and Compliance Letters [6718] ?

Search engine provides full text access to OSHA standards interpretation and compliance letters

OSHA Variances [2207] ?

A variance is a regulatory action that permits an employer to deviate from the requirements of an OSHA standard under sp

Updated OSHA Whistleblower Filing Time Limits [40563] ?

Chart of days to file for whistleblowers

Updated OSHA Whistleblower Online Complaint Form [40564] ?

OSHA whistleblowers may file their complaints online

Updated OSHA Whistleblower Program [26219] ?

The 18 statutes enforced by OSHA and the regulations governing their administration

OSHA's Federal Penalty Schedule [pdf] [36857] ?

These are the types of violations and the penalties that may be proposed

Review Commission Decisions [3543] ?

Search engine to view full text of OSHA Review Commission Decisions

Top 10 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards [40718] ?

The most frequently cited standards following inspections of worksites by federal OSHA

Variances Under OSHA [1345] ?

OSHA Fact Sheet on Variances Under OSHA

Worker Rights Under the OSH Act [11817] ?

How to file a complaint, worker rights and more

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