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Free software includes guidance on asbestos, fire safety, hazard awareness, lead in construction, cadmium, the impact of injuries on profitability, etc.

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eHASP [24019] ?

OSHA / EPA HASP model plan software for hazardous waste sites

MSHA Fire Suppression and Fire Protection Advisor [40399] ?

Helps users determine minimum fire protection requirements for electrical and diesel equipment

OSHA Asbestos Advisor [8681] ?

Produces guidance on the asbestos standard applies to the workplace and to buildings

OSHA Cadmium Biological Monitoring Advisor [40393] ?

Online advisor assists with compliance to the general industry Cadmium Standard

OSHA Confined Spaces Advisor [40395] ?

Online advisor provides guidance to help employers protect workers from hazards of permit-required confined spaces

OSHA eTools [16438] ?

The following downloads are available: eTools and eCATs for training purposes

OSHA eTools and Electronic Products for Compliance Assistance [1115] ?

Download software from OSHA & use online safety advisors

OSHA General Industry Lead Advisor [12244] ?

Helps you understand and apply the OSHA standard on Lead in General Industry

OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor [40397] ?

Helps general industry employers and workers identify possible safety and health hazards

OSHA Heat Safety Tool [40673] ?

App allows workers and supervisors to calculate the heat index for their worksite

OSHA Lead in Construction Advisor [40394] ?

Online advisor provides information about OSHA's rule addressing occupational exposure to lead in construction industry

OSHA Logging Technical Advisor [13908] ?

Helps you understand & apply OSHA standards in the logging industry

OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor [40398] ?

Provides employers information on how to address the federal requirements

OSHA SafeCare Advisor [13905] ?

Download software to help you understand & apply OSHA standards in nursing homes

OSHA's Safety Pays Program Estimator [8677] ?

Online calculator analyzes the impact of workplace injuries and illnesses on profitability

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