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Full text of OSHA Technical Manual, Field Inspection Reference Manual, OSHA Directives.

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CA-California OSHA Policies & Procedures - Volume II [1570] ?

Instructions to DOSH field inspectors on enforcing California workplace safety law

KY-Kentucky OSHA Field Operation Manual [39905] ?

For use of Kentucky OSHA field personnel when conducting inspections

NC-North Carolina Field Operations Manual [39243] ?

Inspection procedures for field staff

NJ-New Jersey PEOSH Field Inspection Reference Manual [pdf] [29218] ?

Public Employees Occupational safety and Health FIRM manual used for workplace safety inspections by NJ inspectors

OR-Oregon OSHA Technical Manual [3401] ?

Provides technical information and guidance on occupational safety and health topic

Updated OR-OSHA Field Inspection Rules [7914] ?

Full text of the inspection rules used by Oregon OSHA field personnel

OR-OSHA Program Directives [15488] ?

Oregon OSHA's directives

OSHA Consultation Policies and Procedures Manual [pdf] [33160] ?

The criteria and requirements for participation in SHARP and requirements of the monitoring and evaluation system

OSHA Directives [1363] ?

Directives to OSHA field inspectors - locate by number or by date

OSHA General Industry Digest [40444] ?

An e-publication that can be easily viewed on smart phones and tablets - in English and Spanish

OSHA Technical Manual [1105] ?

Provides technical information and guidance on occupational safety and health topics

Updated OSHA Whistleblower Investigations [26218] ?

OSHA procedures for handling complaints of discrimination under the whistleblower statutes

SC-South Carolina OSHA Program Directives [36405] ?


VA-Virginia VOSHA Manuals [23140] ?

OSHA manuals used by the State of Virginia

VPP - Policies and Procedures Manual [pdf] [33606] ?

Text of OSHA's manual for Voluntary Protection Programs

VPP Policies & Procedures Manual [pdf] [24605] ?

Framework of policy and procedure for administering the OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs

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