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Explanation and lists of those companies being targeted for OSHA inspections & the list of targeted companies. OSHA's Site Specific Targeting plan for inspections. OSHA policies and procedures for handling worker complaints. Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company or SIC code. OSHA's inspection policies and procedures concerning worksites in an employee's home. Guidance on what employers can expect from an OSHA inspection.

25 Resources
CA-California Dual-Employer Inspections [4279] ?

Procedures used by Cal/OSHA

CA-California Inspections [4294] ?

Cal/OSHA policies and procedures related to worksite inspections

CA-California Multi-Employer Worksite Inspections [1612] ?

Procedures used by Cal/OSHA

Updated CA-California OSHA Complaint Evaluation and Documentation [6673] ?

Outlines the procedures used by Cal/OSHA

CA-California OSHA Follow-Up Inspection and Failure to Abate [16954] ?

Policies and procedures followed by Cal-OSHA staff

CA-California OSHA Refusal of Entry [16990] ?

Policies and procedures followed by Cal-OSHA staff when employer refuses them entry

CA-California OSHA Report on the Targeted Inspection/Consultation Program [15351] ?

Report describes the status of the Targeted Enforcement Program

CA-California Worksite Inspection Procedures [2087] ?

Procedures used by Cal/OSHA

CAL/OSHA Multi-Employer Worksite Policy [36745] ?

Inspectors follow a two-step process to determine whether more than one employer will be cited

Establishment Inspections [2710] ?

Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company

Establishment Inspections - Industry Search [2763] ?

Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular SIC or NAICS code

MN-Minnesota OSHA Inspection Process [pdf] [15291] ?

Minnesota OSHA's inspection program

NV-Nevada OSHA Inspection Operations Manual [pdf] [29338] ?

Provides guidance for Nevada's OSHA inspectors

OSHA Complaint Inspections [32280] ?

Components of an OSHA inspection

OSHA Enforcement: Local Emphasis Programs [40069] ?

OSHA enforcement strategies designed and implemented at the regional office and/or area office levels

OSHA Fatality and Catastrophe Investigation Summaries [13464] ?

Summaries of accidents/fatalities investigated by OSHA

OSHA FOIA Responses [28927] ?

Freedom of Information Act disclosures such as lists of high rate workplaces receiving OSHA letters

OSHA Inspection Data [13461] ?

Query tools which locate OSHA inspection information

OSHA Inspection Practices and Policies [3130] ?

Outlines what employers can expect from an OSHA inspection

OSHA Inspections [pdf] [17238] ?

Explanation of the OSHA inspection process

OSHA Inspections for Job Safety & Health Standards [pdf] [1317] ?

OSHA Fact Sheet regarding OSHA inspections

OSHA National Emphasis Program on Amputations - Targeted Machinery [27537] ?

Listed are the types of machinery that are included in this National Emphasis Program

OSHA's Active National & Special Emphasis Program [40142] ?

OSHA implements both national and local emphasis inspection programs to target high-risk hazards and industries

UT-Utah OSHA Compliance Inspection [25061] ?

Enforcement of UOSH rules through inspections by the State

Variances in Effect [4859] ?

Lists the companies that received OSHA variances

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