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GCat: Safety
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Examples of industries: nursing homes, healthcare facilities, meat packing, maritime, textiles, logging.

53 Resources
Agricultural Operations: Technical Resources [684] ?

Large number of technical resources related to OSHA safety standards in agricultural operations

Airline Industry Safety [24550] ?

OSHA assistance targeted to the airline industry

Apparel and Footwear Industry Safety [24561] ?

OSHA assistance for safety in the appearel and footwear industry

Auto Body Repair and Refinishing [539] ?

Large number of resources related to OSHA requirements in auto repair & refinishing activities

Battery Manufacturing & Lead Safety [24022] ?

OSHA guidance regarding lead exposure in battery manufacturing

Cleaning Industry Safety [32620] ?

OSHA safety materials for the institutional and industrial cleaning industry

Commercial Diving [1737] ?

Technical resources - commercial diving industry, e.g., OSHA standards, directives, interpretations

Construction, General Hazards [11886] ?

Technical resources related to occupational safety and health in general construction

Drycleaning - OSHA [5580] ?

Technical resources on dry cleaning

Electric Power Industry Work Hazards [37082] ?

Safety hazards for workers engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power

Electrical Powerline Work [40720] ?

OSHA requirements for fall protection, minimum approach distances, and arc-flash protection, etc

Green Job Hazards - OSHA Requirements [39282] ?

Jobs that help to improve the environment, such as in the wind and solar energy, recycling and biofuels industries

Hair Salon Safety - Formaldehyde [40202] ?

Formaldehyde in Hair Smoothing Products

Hazardous Drugs [1122] ?

Information on controlling the hazards associated with hazardous medications

Hazardous Waste Operations [11624] ?

A comprehensive guide regarding Safety and Health topics in Hazardous Waste Operations

Health Care Facilities [1740] ?

Technical resources for the healthcare industry - bloodborne pathogens, hazardous drugs, etc.

Updated Health Care Industry - OSHA Compliance [38501] ?

Guide for employers to find health care industry resources on the OSHA website

Hospital Safety eTool [22981] ?

Explore the potential hazards of this industry

Hospitals and Community Emergency Response: What You Need to Know [5584] ?

Protecting health care workers who respond to emergencies involving hazardous substances

Updated ID-Idaho Logging Safety Rules [24814] ?

Safety Standards and Practices for Logging from the Idaho Administrative Rules

Laboratories Safety Hazards [5913] ?

Technical resources for laboratories

Landscaping and Horticultural Services Safety Programs [27771] ?

OSHA technical resources related to safety and health programs in landscaping and horticulture

Laser / Electrosurgery Plume [5603] ?

Technical resources related to laser and electrosurgery

Logging eTool [5596] ?

Reviews the requirements of the OSHA Logging Standard in relation to employer safety and health

Logging Hazards [1741] ?

Technical resources for the logging industry

Lumber and Building Material Dealer Industry Safety Programs [27772] ?

OSHA technical resources related to safety and health programs for lumber/building material dealers

Maritime Industry [15864] ?

OSHA Assistance for the Maritime Industry

Meatpacking Safety Hazards [1744] ?

Technical resources for the meatpacking industry related to safety and health

MN-Minnesota OSHA: Guidelines for Resident Handling in Long-Term Care Facilities [pdf] [15502] ?

A framework for a safety program in long-term care facilities

Nursing Home Occupational Hazards in Long Term Care [12651] ?

Helps employers in developing and implementing engineering and work practice controls

Nursing Home Safety & Health [1743] ?

Technical resources for the nursing home industry - related to safety and health

Oil and Gas Extraction [31036] ?

Technical materials regarding safety hazards, OSHA regulations, etc for this industry

Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Safety Hazards [31037] ?

Common hazards and possible solutions to reduce incidents that could lead to injuries

Plastics Industry Safety [23659] ?

Guidance from US OSHA

Poultry Processing Safety Hazards [11625] ?

Addresses the hazards in the poultry processing industry

Printing Industry [24000] ?

OSHA assistance for the printing industry

Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills [5593] ?

Technical resources for the pulp and paper mill industry

Restaurant Safety for Teens [24016] ?

OSHA guidance for teenagers who take jobs in the restaurant industry

Retail Crowd Management Safety Guidelines [38487] ?

OOSHA has prepared these guidelines to help employers and store owners avoid injuries during the holiday shopping season

Sawmill Safety [27800] ?

Resources that provide safety and health information related to working in sawmills

Sawmills eTools [22979] ?

Explore the potential hazards of this industry

Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Industry Safety [23661] ?

Safety advice for the industry from OSHA

Secondary Lead Smelter eTool [22974] ?

Assistance for compliance with OSHA Lead Standard in lead smelting operations

Semiconductors [5592] ?

Technical resources for the semiconductor industry

Ship Building and Repair [5590] ?

Technical resources for the ship building industry

Shipyard eTool [22977] ?

Explore the potential hazards of this industry

Textiles [6433] ?

OSHA technical resources related to the hazards and OSHA requirements in the textile industry

Tree Care Industry Safety [28762] ?

OSHA guidance for the tree care industry

Trucking Industry Safety [24553] ?

OSHA assistance for the trucking industry

WA-Washington Veterinary Practice Safety Hazards [16933] ?

Safety materials for Veterinary practice settings - requirements in the state of Washington

Warehousing Safety [pdf] [26863] ?

Worker safety handout describes safety hazards and controls for warehousing

Woodworking eTool [22980] ?

Principal hazards and possible solutions for woodworking

Woodworking Safety [27801] ?

Resources that provide safety and health information relevant to woodworking

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