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OSHA consultation resources. Voluntary Protection Programs. Emergency hotline. Definition of 'competent person.'

17 Resources
Competent Person [1118] ?

Explains the term as it relates to OSHA standards

Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management (DTSEM) [27804] ?

OSHA's specialty area for occupational health

General Safety & Health References [5583] ?

Lists of reference materials, books, journals, etc.

OSHA Alliance Program [22996] ?

Explanation of the program

OSHA Compliance [24974] ?

A series of articles related to OSHA

OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialists [23644] ?

OSHA field staff who provide assistance with OSHA standard compliance

OSHA Consultation [3150] ?

Description of OSHA's consultation services

OSHA Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs [30175] ?

Outreach services, small business assistance, state plan coordination, VPP and more

OSHA Directorate of Enforcement Programs [30174] ?

Provides guidance on how to comply with the requirements of OSHA standards

OSHA Federal Agency Programs [9545] ?

The point of contact in OSHA for the Federal Sector to find answers to occupational safety and health questions

OSHA General Industry [27803] ?

OSHA requirements for general industry

OSHA Office Directory [1330] ?

Regional and area office addresses

OSHA Safety and Health Topics [4235] ?

Very large number of technical support materials on over numerous topics

OSHA Small Business [5589] ?

Programs and assistance for small business

OSHA Strategic Partnership Program for Worker Safety and Health [15863] ?

FAQ answers questions about the benefits of partnerships and lists current partnerships

OSHA's Partnerships [1090] ?

OSHA-industry partnerships

Teen Workers [22596] ?

Worker safety and health information for teens

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OSHA / Employees
Employee rights and responsibilites under OSHA

OSHA / Manuals
Full text of OSHA technical manuals

OSHA / Publications
OSHA fact Sheets, publications, online documents

OSHA / Recordkeeping
OSHA recordkeeping guidelines, standards, fact sheets, etc.

OSHA / Violations
OSHA inspection procedures, decisions, citations profile, etc.

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