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Very large number of technical resources related to OSHA requirements and spray operations, compressed gas, pressure vessels, welding, cutting and brazing. OSHA fire safety standards.

7 Resources
Combustible Dust Hazards [33602] ?

Any combustible material can burn rapidly when in a finely divided form and when suspended in air become explosive

Compressed Gas & Equipment [6445] ?

Technical resources related to OSHA requirements with compressed gas

Fire Safety [1752] ?

Technical resources for compliance with OSHA fire safety standards

Pressure Vessels [6446] ?

Technical resources related to OSHA requirements and pressure vessels

Spray Operations [881] ?

Technical resources explaining OSHA standards for spray operations

Welding, Cutting and Brazing [1484] ?

Technical resources related to welding, cutting and brazing exposures

Workplace Fire Safety [1349] ?

OSHA Fact Sheet on Workplace Fire Safety

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Environment / Tanks
EPA requirements for above ground and below ground storage tanks

OSHA / Construction
OSHA technical resources on construction

Property / Extinguishers
References on portable fire extinguishers

Property / Fire Hazards
Control of special fire hazards

Property / Fire Safety
Fire safety programs, checklists and reference materials

Property / Lessons Learned
Lessons learned from property losses - fires, etc.

Property / Safety Programs
Full text fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Property / Sprinklers
Technical resources on fire sprinklers, halon, fire protection engineering

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